Is the modern farmer’s attitude towards tech changing?

By Ben Watts

Mon, 10 Sep 2018

Farms across the US are making efficient profit from the success of implementing new technology processes and solutions. The modern farmer inevitably plays a major part in the supply chain. Producing value proposition to farmers should be through a result of understanding their thought processes, actions and challenges. It would be naive to say a majority of farmers are resistant to new technological innovations in agriculture. Most modern farmers now know there is an undoubted need to embrace new technology but there may be a case of resistance to engage and sway from the ideologies of traditional farming, or simply an inability to access or understand the required information.

Customer psychology and understanding the modern farmer is one of the main concerns in AG today. Once you develop a broad understanding of farmer’s practices, trends and challenges you can help to address the challenges in order to make them more sustainable, profitable and efficient through productive and cost-effective farming methods. Modern farmers have become better at incorporating the innovative methods that precision AG is bringing. A vast number however remain hesitant due to a lack of understanding or enthusiasm in using new technology which typically comes from not knowing the key benefits involved. Professionals in the industry also need to equally understand the modern farmer and farm if AG is going to continue to remain competitive on the global market through providing beneficial AG technologies.

The changing attitude and desire of the farmer correlates with the influence of their society’s culture. It’s customary in certain communities to scatter seed and plough it into the soil, so naturally people in that culture will grow up thinking it’s the correct and ideal way of planting. Even if they know the benefits of advance technology their attitude may oppose these other explained methods. Attitudes and pressures may come from the farmers own individual beliefs and the people around them. Many farming societies expect all individuals to behave a certain way and manage their expectations in the same manner. In some farming communities an unmarried man is traditionally expected to stay working on his father’s land until he gets married. Successful farmers in many cases are expected to provide money to less fortunate relatives who have not been successful. If a farmer chooses to resist expectations family and acquaintances are likely to show their disapproval. As most people want acceptance from the people around them they tend to stay in accordance with desired expectations.

The key to changing farmer’s attitude and perspective of AG technology is to understand the social and cultural background of the farmers you are working with. You will then be able to offer advice that suits the structure and features of an individual society in order to benefit them.

At AG 4.0, a 2- day Ag workshop in San Francisco 14- 15 November 2018, there will be introduced an exclusive panel on “Understanding the Modern Farmer”. 

With a keynote address from Danny Royer , VP of Technology of the Bowles Farming Company, setting the note of the workshop, this panel seeks to address the main challenges the modern american farmer is currently facing. From shrinking margins to labour shortages, through to water scarcity and the ageing farm population, if you are a farmer join the debate at AG 4.0 to help tackle main issues. 

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Ben Watts

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