What does 2018 have in store for ICOs?

By Rebecca Lam

Thu, 22 Feb 2018

ICOs have exploded into the mainstream market over the last few years, leading to a massive growth in the crypto markets. 2017 was an astounding year for ICOs, with more than 800 different cryptocurrencies available for investors and the equivalent of $4 billion has been raised. December even saw Bitcoin reach its peak value of $19,000. As we settle into 2018, Challenge Advisory  explores what we’ve seen already and what we expect to see in a monumental year for ICOs. 


Corporate companies are capitalising on the blockchain hype for the boost, and evidently they are succeeding. Telegram and Kodak have disrupted the industry by launching their own cryptocurrencies. Kodak’s cryptocurrency has seen shares rise 120 per cent and Silicon Valley venture capital firms are lining up to invest in the messaging app, Telegram. This looks set to continue throughout 2018 with businesses producing company coins in an effort to modernise their industry.

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Rebecca Lam


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