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Why the modern RAF is perfect for generation Z

Alfred Gilbert
Wed, 21 Mar 2018
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Let’s be honest, generation Z has it tough.


Our elders see us as self-centered, materialistic, and seem to think that we have the concentration span of a goldfish. Everything seems to be getting more expensive, with the news constantly telling us that we’ll never own a house, there are no jobs, and when/if we do find one, we’ll be working till our graves.

What are generation Z good at?


Although we’re one of the largest groups of people in the UK, you never really hear the positives about us, do you? It should be celebrated that in the majority we are a highly communicative group; one that was born into and breathes technology. This makes us highly adaptable and relevant to our modern, digital world, as we’re capable of connecting to others and doing things in ways that older generations couldn’t even imagine. So, ha!


But why the RAF?


Because of our innate knowledge and capabilities, the RAF see us as a critically underused and under-valued group. They recognize that as they, and the world in general, become more technologically advanced, they will need young, curious and innovative minds.


At present, the Air Force are integrating tech into everything they do. VR and AR headsets let trainees jump into real-world mission scenarios at the push of a button. Warehouses are using giant robots and 3D printing to speed up processes. Cyber-security teams are building ever-more advanced networks to protect from sophisticated hackers. And we’ve not even mentioned all the new war-fighting and aviation tech that the Service has to play around with! (we mean use for important applications… maybe).


Let’s talk about your future!


As technology lovers themselves, the RAF sees generation Z as an untapped potential. In  line with this, the Service has never before taken such a focus on ensuring that there are a variety of jobs and financial benefits for our generation when heading into the Air Force (and we’re not just talking about wages – which are also very good in all honesty!).


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the RAF see generation Z as a critically underused and under-valued group