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By Rebecca Lam

Tue, 25 Sep 2018

Challenge Advisory Partners with the Flux Protocol to unlock the business potential of environmental data on the blockchain


London, 25 September 2018Challenge Advisory,  a consultancy leading  governments and Fortune 500s into areas such as next generation sustainable fishing, building resilient cities of the future, and addressing new areas for renewables is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the Flux Protocol. The partnership aims to provide governments, institutions and private sector businesses with a blockchain-based business solution to synthesise environmental data in order to create a future of prosperity for all.


“Flux combines a radical new approach of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the blockchain to tap into trillions of interdependent data points currently unexplored,” says Flux CEO Blake Burris. “Today’s businesses operate in silos and have practically zero insight into what minor events or data could impact their business –– to make it more efficient, competitive and meaningful for people’s needs, and our planet’s constraints.


“We’ve brought incredible Israeli army hardware and equipped it with a user-friendly software to properly assist a billion humans cognify their environment. Nature has its own languages and our technology is rapidly evolving the idea that plants and trees and oceans can speak for themselves. When we are able to cross realms like this we can start to do some pretty neat things in business,” winks Burris.


Flux Protocol is currently courting pilot solutions for a distributed network for environmental data. The protocol marries AI, IoT, and an immutable ledger to unlock a future of abundance in natural realms such as agriculture, livestock production, and aquaculture. Challenge Advisory provides the global thought leadership and industry ties to help properly scale Flux’s “Proof of Impact” initiative.


Blake Burris, CEO of Flux, spoke on the partnership, “We’d been seeking a platinum level partnership like this for over a year and chose the Challenge Advisory because of the breadth of their experience across sectors. Our technology –– which is adept at the pulse of the planet through millions of embedded sensors, across a spectrum of environments –– will have the biggest global impact in agriculture, forestry, and even in renewable energy management. We could only work with another company who believes that environmental stewardship should come hand in hand with meeting business goals.”


Chris Burns, Partner at Challenge Advisory, echoed his statements, “We are very pleased to be partnering with the exceptional team at Flux. We truly believe that Flux will make an exponential impact within and between enterprises and we are grateful to be part of their journey. Challenge Advisory are proud to continue working with the most innovative technology companies within the industry.”


Flux provides a platform whereby plant, water, and livestock data can be shared without borders. By doing so, the protocol opens new frontiers for farming and resource management. The open-sourced ethos addresses key issues within the agriculture industry, including the quality of data collection combined with a level of decentralized verification that is currently not available today. Their low-cost, cutting edge smart farming and forestry tools improve yields, quality and flavours, whilst cutting down environmental destruction. Additionally, the company’s artificial intelligence insights promote and promise a path towards a future of abundance for all.


The partnership between Flux and Challenge Advisory is a perfect fit for both parties. Challenge will manage Flux’s funding round and bring thought leadership to their 10-year strategy by creating a variety of global environmental ties.


Challenge Advisory will maximise opportunities to introduce Flux to relevant investors and provide end-to-end support for their funding round from campaign development, to funding round closure.


Download Challenge Advisory’s funding practice brochure here, to find out more about our work across new and developing technologies.


About Flux Protocol:

Flux Protocol is a distributed network for environmental data that applies big data processing and AI to Life Sciences. Flux has created Eddy, a consumer device that makes it easy for anyone to grow their own organic food and medicine. Flux was incubated at leading accelerators, 8200 in Israel and ICONYC Labs in New York City and has been featured on CNN, Fast Company, and Bloomberg. They have been approached by NASA, and subsequently founded Mars Farming, for their technology which can grow food even in the most hostile environments, even in space.


About Challenge Advisory:

Challenge Advisory LLP is a multi-sector strategy consultancy. We partner with disruptive and innovative organisations to help facilitate their growth, providing revolutionary solutions in Strategy, Funding, Talent, Design, Sales & Marketing.


About Challenge Advisory’s Funding Practice:

Our Venture Financing Practice works in partnership with innovative technology companies who will disrupt the status quo; supporting these businesses in their growth from revolutionary concepts to successful global organisations. From VC funding for start-ups to investment capital consulting, Challenge Advisory’s Funding team will deliver the solutions you require.

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