Challenge Advisory – The Story Behind Our New Logo

By Rebecca Lam

Tue, 9 Jan 2018

Since Challenge Advisory was founded in 2011, we have prided ourselves in being trusted advisors to the world’s digital disruptors and innovators.

We believe that for a sustainable future, businesses will have to become extremely adaptable, and Challenge Advisory specialises in equipping these organisations to respond to change and global pressure. Thus, Challenge Advisory has rebranded, to emulate the guidance that we give our clients, and to prepare for a stimulating and innovative 2018.

The new “C” embodies our evolving identity. The shift from the Leaf to a more technical “C” signifies a renewal into a modern era. As technology moves forward, it is imperative that with our logo we represent an optimistic digital future.

Although Challenge Advisory is known for the depth of our knowledge across more than 40 industries, we have made the conscious decision to place them under an umbrella of 6 key sectors: Strategy, Funding, Talent, Design, Marketing, and Sales. The formation of the blocks that make up the “C” indicate that although we deal with different issues, industries and sectors, they all interlock to represent our clear vision as a company.

The colour blue for our logo has remained, as it reflects our origins. The old Challenge Advisory’s belief in sustainability and the support of end-to-end digitalisation across industry is still fundamental, along with the relationship of trust with each and every one of our clients. Our mantra of “Challenge, Strategy, Solution” is in our logo to emphasise to clients that we will provide revolutionary solutions to their most pressing challenges.

As we move forward, Challenge Advisory looks forward to continued success in finding challenges, developing strategies, and delivering solutions in an increasingly digital world.

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Rebecca Lam

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