Challenge Advisory Announces Strategic Partnership with CloseCross

By Alfred Gilbert

Wed, 7 Mar 2018

London – 20th February, 2018 – Challenge Advisory are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with CloseCross in which we are supporting their current fundraising activities.

CloseCross is the first fully decentralized derivatives platform. In a world that has throughout history been interested in executing opinion-based value-trading of stock/commodity trading, CFDs or options trading, CloseCross are helping to open this massive financial derivatives market to the public. They simplify the process of gaining access to peer-to-peer derivative trading platforms, remove the need for deep financial knowledge.

CloseCross have engaged with Challenge Advisory regarding a strategic partnership for funding. Challenge Advisory will be working in close partnership with CloseCross to introduce them to relevant investors and manage their funding round.

Vaibhav Kadikar, CEO at CloseCross, said on the campaign, “Challenge Advisory has been a great partner to have for CloseCross. We appreciate the opportunities they have brought to us through their extensive network of investors.”

Chris Burns, Partner at Challenge Advisory, continued, “derivatives trading is one of many sectors ripe for disruption with the advent of decentralisation. We are proud to be partnering with CloseCross to help grow their business and bring their patented technology and unique, user-friendly platform to the market.”


Download Challenge Advisory’s funding practice brochure here, to find out more about our work across new and developing technologies.


About CloseCross:

CloseCross is the first fully decentralized derivatives platform. The most popular means of executing opinion-based value-trading until now has been stock/commodity trading, CFDs or options trading. CloseCross are opening and expanding the massive financial derivatives market to the public. Gain easy access to a peer-to-peer derivative trading platform. No need for deep financial knowledge.

About Challenge Advisory:

Challenge Advisory LLP is a multi-sector strategy consultancy. We partner with disruptive and innovative organisations to help facilitate their growth, providing revolutionary solutions in Strategy, Funding, Talent, Design, Sales & Marketing.

About Challenge Advisory’s Funding Practice:

Our Venture Financing Practice works in partnership with innovative technology companies who will disrupt the status quo; supporting these businesses in their growth from revolutionary concepts to successful global organisations. From VC funding for startups to investment capital consulting, Challenge Advisory’s Funding team will deliver the solutions you require.


Media Contact:
Company Name: Challenge Advisory
Contact Person: Alfred V Gilbert
Country: United States


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Alfred Gilbert

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