Carley Corrado, Founder of Enliven Leadership, to speak at AG4.0

By Maria Onofrio

Tue, 28 Aug 2018

London, August 28th, 2018 – Challenge Advisory are delighted to announce that Carley Corrado, Founder & Chief Strategist, Enliven Leadership- will be speaking at AG4.0 in San Francisco from 14-15 November.

Carley will be part of the ‘Profitable Sustainability’ panel. She will be amongst panellists discussing the use of technology to introduce sustainable agricultural practices. The subjects covered will also include the transition to sustainable agriculture, improving the efficiency in the production and value of products to achieve profitable sustainable production, environmental biotechnology and biodiversity, and IoT and data analytics for suitable agriculture.

Carley is a green business strategist and consultant. She specializes in a holistic approach to leadership that maximizes her clients’ creativity, cognitive function, and enhanced team dynamics thereby achieving their planet-positive impact and success. Her background includes a PhD in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz, and postdoctoral studies in Physics which led to the development of the plant-optimized greenhouse solar power company Soliculture. In her role as Director of Business Development, she met with hundreds of farmers, coordinated commercial greenhouse plant trials, and discovered her passion for regenerative agriculture.

About her participation at AG4.0 Ms. Corrado states: “With the demand of organic food growing faster than its supply, farmers have an opportunity to enhance their profits from transitioning their land. AG4.0 will examine the support structures available to aid farmers, looking additionally at benefits including regenerating the ecosystem surrounding them, synonymous with climate resiliency”

AG 4.0 will be a workshop aimed at improving the understanding of modern agriculture practices and creating interoperable solutions. Join the debate with over 40 speakers, and network with key agriculture experts, academics, stakeholders, and everyone else involved in the agriculture supply chain.

For more information on the event and how you can participate, please visit the link below.

About Enliven Leadership

Enliven Leadership helps green businesses enhance their planet-positive impact by creating executive strategies that ignite the team’s passion, purpose, and power.

About Challenge Advisory

Challenge Advisory LLP is a multi-sector strategy consultancy. We partner with disruptive and innovative organisations to provide revolutionary solutions to their most pressing challenges.

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