Calata Corp. Partners With Pessl Instruments on Phillipine Agriculture Project

Dan Butler
Thu, 7 Jul 2016
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Filipino farming firm Calata Corporation has partnered with Austrian company Pessl Instruments GmbH to introduce IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) farming solutions to the Phillipines.

Calata are set to invest $13.8 million into intelligence based farming which uses real-time field data to improve decision-making at all levels of the supply chain.

“Unlike developed countries where farmers have ready access to information and the latest yield improving technologies, the Filipino farmer is still farming the old fashioned way,” explained Joseph Calata, founder and CEO of Calata Corp. “With Pessl Instruments as our primary technology partner we will now invite more stakeholders to be part of this new digital farming ecosystem which will transform the way we farm in years to come.”

The focal point of the project will be an instrument that provides localised and precise weather forecasting, called the iMetos weather station.

The iMetos weather station monitors soil quality, irrigation and atmospheric components. The data it collects is sent to farmers by SMS or text message via an hourly, seven-day weather forecasting system.

“With more accurate forecasting and real-time data, farmers will experience a considerable drop in production costs as they can more accurately control agricultural inputs such as pesticides, fertilisers and water,” commented Dr. Aubrey Longmore, head of agri-business at Challenge Advisory. “This will also have significant environmental benefits such as reduced water runoff and energy usage.”

The new partnership will conduct several pilot tests of iMetos in San Miguel, Bulacan, and, if successful, they intend to have it installed “in the entire country” at an affordable price.

This will also have significant environmental benefits such as reduced water runoff and energy usage.

“We want to target the whole country by installing about 5,000 units of iMetos,” said Calata. “We want every farmer to have access to detailed and accurate data.”

Pessl stated that iMetos is already being used in banana farms in Davao but not currently at the level that Catala would like.

“I’m glad to see the Philippines leading the way in Southeast Asia by adopting technology that makes a real difference to the bottom line of farmers,” commented Pessl.