Brazilian Start-Up Aegro Develop New App to Optimise Agricultural Efficiency

Dan Butler
Tue, 12 Jul 2016
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Brazilian start-up Aegro have developed an app using SAP HANA to help farmers collect, store and analyse crop data to inform better agricultural decisions.

The World Food Program states that over 805 million people across the world go to bed hungry every day and that 75% of these people live in rural areas and are predominantly dependent on agriculture for their income and livelihoods. These populations are also incredibly vulnerable to natural disasters, such as droughts or floods.

The World Resources Institute estimates that nearly 40% of global arable land is depleted in some way, either through development or damaging agricultural practices that can lead to soil erosion, salination or direct productivity loss through over-use.

These elements all contribute to a lack of production efficiency, an unacceptable situation given the scale and severity of global hunger levels.

This is where Pedro Dusso and the other founders of Aegro saw an opportunity to help.

“We were looking for something to innovate, searching for some real problems to start working with…Then one of our co-founders had a problem to discuss between us, about how agronomists have to handle such large amounts of data nowadays,” said Dusso. “They spend hours using spreadsheets and trying to make graphs and stuff”.

Dusso commented that the data the farmers were collecting was basically meaningless if they could not analyse and apply it in a meaningful way. “The real thing about smart farming is giving agronomists and farmers the power to make better decisions based on the information which is always there…It’s simply the decision supporting system that concentrates all of that.”

After consulting Brazilian farmers first-hand, the Aegro team realised that the end result of their venture had to be an app that was uncomplicated and easy for farmers to use


platform for managing the agriculture production system, which involves productivity, financial control, and commercial control of farms.

Aegro resolved early data ingestion issues with its app by joining Startup Focus, the SAP start-up program for big data and analytics applications.

Dusso describes Aegro as a “platform for managing the agriculture production system, which involves productivity, financial control, and commercial control of farms.”

“Although Aegro is still in its early days, its technology has the potential to massively reduce the global lack of agricultural production efficiency,” commented Karveh Cavalieri, Managing Partner at Challenge Advisory. “Aegro’s platform is an excellent illustration of how precision agriculture technology can simplify decision making, increase productivity and sustainably feed the world’s growing population.”