Challenge Advisory to Help BlockGrain’s ICO Campaign

By Rebecca Lam

Fri, 7 Jun 2024

Queensland-based technology firm, BlockGrain, will be launching Australia’s first agriculture ICO from 24 April 2018. The company have already secured $3.5 million in pre-sale contribution, which will be included in the total of $25 million the company is looking to raise.

BlockGrain was founded in 2015 as a simple-to-use, secure, independent software platform that automates the integration of all supply chain participants. The company hopes to become the largest industry-wide platform for managing the agricultural supply chain; connecting sellers and buyers, providing full traceability and allowing bulk logistics companies to manage and grow their operations.

As a strategic partner of Challenge Advisory, we will be working collaboratively with BlockGrain to ensure a prosperous ICO campaign. Through using our industry expertise, we will help secure the funding needed for their expansion plans to other industries and countries, and the addition of newer features to the existing platform.

BlockGrain’s AGRI token is currently available here with the minimum contribution at 0.5 ETH and the maximum contribution at 500 ETH for those who wish to participate.

Opportunities for You

For more information and opportunities on how to secure funding, visit our Funding page or start a discussion with our Head of Funding, Chris Burns, below:

Chris Burns
Challenge Advisory
Phone: 0207 096 1157


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Rebecca Lam

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