Azotic get to work on fixing US agriculture through Agriculture 4.0.

By Alfred Gilbert

Fri, 13 Apr 2018

London, April 13th 2018Challenge Advisory announced today that it has formed a partnership with Azotic to help tackle key operational challenges within America’s agricultural industry.

Azotic will be participating in Agriculture 4.0, an interoperability workshop to be hosted by Challenge Advisory in October 2018. Azotic’s CEO / Founder, Peter Blezard, will be attending the workshop in person to add his unique experience and valued industry insights to proceedings.  This will be bolstered by Ray Chyc, head of Azotic North America, who, with Nolan Berg, are working on a full launch of Azotic technology into the US market in the Fall of 2018 on the back of a major field trial endeavour this Spring within USA Corn and Soybean fields.

Agriculture 4.0 has been designed to allow a consortium of service providers from throughout the American agricultural supply chain and beyond, to come together to develop solutions to the most pressing barriers facing the progression of the sector – namely, modernisation and technological integration.

Karveh Cavalieri, Managing Partner at Challenge Advisory, spoke on the partnership, “Azotic’s work in developing a truly sustainable and effective natural nitrogen fixing technology is an important component for righting the balance between food security and sustainable practices.”

Allen Sheena, Marketing Director at Azotic, spoke on the company’s involvement with Challenge Advisory, “We are pleased to participate in Agriculture 4.0 and to network with key companies in our industry. It is an ideal forum to make people aware of our unique nitrogen fixing technology which has the ability to transform agriculture.”

Azotic’s natural nitrogen fixing technology, which is based on a food grade bacteria, provides a sustainable solution to fertiliser overuse and nitrogen pollution. Their technology enables more efficient growing practices, benefiting growers in terms of increased crop yields, enhanced profits and facilitating lower-environmental impacting farming. Their technology is currently being planted into hundreds of acres across the USA.

Challenge Advisory are excited to be able to announce this partnership and the inclusion of Azotic in an ever-growing list of global disruptors and innovators who will be adding their voices to Agriculture 4.0.

To read more about the event, click here, and to find out how you can be a part of this industry defining event, please email:


About Azotic:

Azotic Technologies Ltd was established in January 2012 to develop and commercialise a natural nitrogen fixing technology which enables sustainable farming without nitrogen pollution. This technology is patent protected and is unique to Azotic.


Media Contact:

Alfred V Gilbert

Marketing and Communications Director

Challenge Advisory


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Alfred Gilbert

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