Arable Announces Pulsepod™ To Improve Agriculture Through Certainty

By Aubrey Longmore

Thu, 4 May 2017

PRINCETON, May 04, 2017​ – Arable Labs Inc., pioneer of data-driven land management, today introduced ​Pulsepod​™. Invented by agronomist Dr. Adam Wolf and designed in partnership with legendary product designer Fred Bould (Nest, GoPro, Roku), the Pulsepod is a solar powered IoT device containing advanced sensing technology — including a six-band spectrometer and 4-way net radiometer that measure crops, along with an advanced acoustic rain gauge. The complete solution for in-field crop monitoring, Pulsepod measures over 40 observation streams including rain, hail, canopy leaf area, crop water demand, environmental stresses, microclimate, and even air pollution. In addition, the Pulsepod comes equipped with cellular (2G/3G), wifi, and bluetooth for continuous connectivity. An accessory port accommodates soil moisture, irrigation pressure, or other user-supplied devices. Onboard GPS allows the data to be linked to weather, soil, and satellite imagery. 

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Aubrey Longmore

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