Anastasia Volkova, CEO & Co-Founder of FluroSat, to speak at AG 4.0

By Maria Onofrio

Wed, 5 Sep 2018

London, September 05th 2018 – Challenge Advisory has invited Anastasia Volkova – CEO and Co-Founder of FluroSat to be a speaker at AG 4.0 in San Francisco from 14-15 November 2018.

Ms. Volkova will be speaking on the panel ‘Precision Ag: Analysing Trends & Challenges’, where discussions will focus on how agtech is shaping the future of the agricultural industry. Also, the panellists will be analysing precision AG’s latest trends and will answer the question of how farmers can begin to better implement new technologies onto their farm.

Anastasia Volkova is an aeronautical engineer completing her PhD in autonomous drone navigation. She has experience ranging from projects with the NASA robots onboard International Space Station to managing 370-person team for UEFA. Anastasia is a 2017 Amelia Earhart Fellow recognised for her commitment to advancing the application of aerospace engineering. Most recently Anastasia has been named 2018 Women Creating Change by NSW/ACT (Australian Capital Territory and NSW) Young Achiever Award.

Speaking of Agriculture 4.0, Anastasia says “For farmers to fully benefit from the scientific and technological advances driving Precision Ag, they need practical solutions they can apply to their fields easily and immediately. FluroSat fuses the latest in remote sensing analytics with local knowledge and management practices to deliver comprehensive crop health prescriptions that improve yields and reduce input costs”

With the help of the Agricultural Supply Chain, Challenge Advisory have built strong insights into how digitalization can be integrated into US agriculture. The mission for our Agriculture 4.0 workshop is to help farmers better engage with the latest technology available in the market and present a wide range of solutions for the modern farmer.

To address these challenges, we have developed the AG 4.0 workshop, a programme designed around bringing key stakeholders from throughout US agriculture together to tackle the most pressing issues in relation to the stability of the market.

To find out how this will be achieved, and how you can be involved, follow the link below:

About FluroSat

FluroSat has its roots in the University of Sydney “Inventing the Future” course. The project was born out of founders’ desire to find innovative solutions to complex problems of global scale and fascination with earth observation.

Every day FluroSat’s team are talking to farmers and their advisors to identify the obstacles to the optimisation of existing farming practices. Their goal is to equip growers with the actionable information produced using state of the art data analysis tools proven in the academic world. FluroSat wants to see modern developments in science and technology deliver tangible benefits to the people who are managing our food production. They are deeply committed to providing reliable and easily interpretable information to the agriculture industry.

About Challenge Advisory

Challenge Advisory LLP is a multi-sector strategy consultancy. We partner with disruptive and innovative organisations to provide revolutionary solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Media Contact:

Maria Onofrio

Project Director

Challenge Advisory



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