AgriThority Bring Technical Expertise To Sustainable Intensification 2016

Sun, 27 May 2018
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    • A strong track record, with a highly experienced consultant team


    • Provide turn-key product and field development services to several vital agriculture sectors


    • Active in all four corners of the globe, with a department devoted to Latin America


Challenge Advisory today announced a project partnership with AgriThority, a consultancy specializing in agricultural trials, who will be attending Sustainable Intensification 2016, designed to promote sustainable intensification in the region.

The focus is on a 65 million-hectare region area known as the Cerrado that is being converted to arable land. This should reinforce Brazil’s reputation as the main source for commodities such as coffee, soy or corn, and double the output of the $15.3 billion dollar industry.

Facilitating Positive Change

A significant challenge for organisations invested in Brazilian agriculture is regulatory approval for inputs such as organic fertilisers, bio pesticides and soil adjuvants. AgriThority have proven themselves to be an authority in sustainable agriculture development as well as an insightful scientific consultancy. By providing the means and informational infrastructure for detailed clinical field trials, agriculture organisations operating in Brazil can expect to gain regulatory approval in a significantly reduced timeframe, greatly facilitating business in a Brazilian market ripe for growth.

“The agriculture industry must advance best management practices to improve sustainability, optimize productivity and strengthen food security for a growing world population,” stated Jerry Duff, AgriThority Founder and President. “Volatile weather patterns and outdated management practices compromise productivity and sustainability of crop production. AgriThority is eager to work with innovators in agriculture and allied industries, along with political leaders at the Summit to identify solutions that will facilitate positive change to the industry in Brazil, South America and around the world.”

“Strong Track Record”

 Dr. Aubrey Longmore, Challenge Advisory Principal, commented: “I am delighted to welcome the team at AgriThority to our event. We have a lot of companies attending who are interested in support for regulatory approval, and we believe that AgriThority are the ideal company to assist Challenge Advisory in satisfying these companies. They have a strong track record in aiding business development in agriculture and will prove to be a useful ally for Challenge Advisory at the Brasilia summit. We look forward to providing AgriThority the opportunity to build what we trust will be many fruitful and lasting associations in this vital industry.”

Challenge Advisory hopes that AgriThority can continue to develop their strong track record with agricultural organisations, bringing their unique insights to Sustainable Intensification and optimising Brazilian agriculture.

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Challenge Advisory is a global advisory firm that specialises in business development and innovation. They work as trusted advisors to governments, global organisations and multinational businesses, helping their clients to expand their markets and strengthen the foundations of their clients’ organisation. They have strong industry connections in agriculture, sustainability and disruptive technology.

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