8 AgTech Companies to Watch in 2018

By Rebecca Lam

Wed, 6 Jun 2018

Agriculture Technology (AgTech) has exponentially changed the agriculture sector. Recent studies have shown that the industry’s output is expected to increase by 60% in 2030. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts that global food production needs to rise by 70 percent to feed an additional 2.3 billion people by 2050.

Here are eight organisations in the AgTech space that are combatting the issue with their innovations. Keep an eye on them as they make their mark on the sector.






Agroop is an agritech company focused on developing a combined support decision tool (hardware+software) which will allow agronomists to centralise operational, technical and physical data in a very scalable and intuitive way. Having access to all this data, the agronomists are able to support their customer base of farmers in a more assertive way, by helping them monitor crops’ water needs and prevent risk factors such as pests, diseases, fungi and adverse weather conditions.


Weather Trends


Weather Trends


Weather Trends International is a company that provides year-ahead weather guidance for retailers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural firms, and financial analysts worldwide. Its weather solutions are used to help businesses and farmers to manage the weather risk such as degree-days, rainfall and snowfall by week for 32 million locations, covering every 1-mile on Earth. The firm has over a hundred Fortune 1000 companies across the world.





AeroVironment provides customers with more actionable intelligence so they can proceed with certainty. Based in California, AeroVironment is a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems, tactical missile systems and electric vehicle charging and test systems, and serves militaries, government agencies, businesses and consumers.

Their EV test systems and charging solutions have fast become the intelligent choice for electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers and drivers, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable world.


Plant Response 


Plant Response


Plant Response is a leader in the large and growing agricultural biotech market. Their innovative technology allows them to discover and develop solutions for crop management. Plant Response’s efforts on product development include stable formulations that are systematically validated in their greenhouses and open field facilities, as well as in international growers’ facilities over multiple years and on multiple crops. Preventive application of their products enhances plant’s natural stress resistance, and stimulates biological processes inside the plant that lead to improved health and growth.

The company’s goal is to improve plant health and protect yield potential. Their uniqueness comes from their proprietary technology validation platform.  


The Climate Corporation


Climate Corporation


The Climate Corporation aims to help all the farmers sustainably increase their productivity through the use of digital tools. Bringing together seamless field data collection, advanced agronomic modelling and local weather monitoring into simple mobile and web software solutions, their FieldView platform gives farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimise yields, maximise efficiency and reduce risk.




Aqua Yield

Aqua-Yield has developed a nano-fertilisers solution that delivers components straight to the plant’s cells, leading to a much higher overall efficiency. In doing so, they are enabling huge benefits for growers: increased crop yield, decreased cost inputs, less environmental impact, shorter crop cycles and more. They are shifting to the smallest of technologies — nanotechnology — to fortify crops and supply the fertiliser of the future.


Crop Logic 



Crop Logic

CropLogic is a unique system that uses advanced scientific plant growth models to forecast the future effects. It aims to improve crop yields by combining advanced research and technology with an in-field agronomy support team to provide accurate advice to growers,  ensuring growers can be confident they are getting the absolute optimum yield possible for the least inputs possible. This is achieved through the combining technology and crop science with on-the-ground agronomic expertise.






Agworld is the world’s first Collaborative Farming Solution that enables growers, crop consultants, farm staff, precision specialists and operation managers to truly work as one. Agworld’s document management, data capture tools, farm maps, library of labels and communication tools improve workflow and increase production efficiency all in one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

The Agworld platform enables growers, advisors, applicators and other key stakeholders to work together on the same platform to capture and share farm information; to manage risk; and to drive better decisions that increase whole farm profitability.


Opportunities For You

Challenge Advisory will be hosting Agriculture 4.0, an interoperability workshop in November 2018 in San Francisco. All the AgTech organisations above will be participating to help tackle key operational challenges within America’s agricultural industry. This has been designed around collaboration and digitization, bringing stakeholders from throughout agriculture together to create unprecedented and beneficial working partnerships. Partners of Agriculture 4.0 will look at some of the most pressing issues for the American supply-chain, with the hope of developing industry revolutionizing solutions. 


If you would like to learn more about the event, and how you can get involved, please email Alfred Gilbert (agilbert@challenge.org) or click here to view the event page.

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Rebecca Lam


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