6 Blockchain Start-ups Disrupting the Industry

By Rebecca Lam

Mon, 23 Apr 2018

In a competitive and saturated industry, many startups aspire to utilise blockchain to transform the world. It can be extremely difficult to find startups that truly harness the power of blockchain to make a difference.  

Here are six of the most innovative and promising blockchain startups that are making strides in the blockchain world. Definitely keep your eye on them as they lead the industry.





Irish start-up, BlockNubie, is a blockchain company designed to help all other blockchain start-ups. The new decentralised start-up ecosystem was designed to simplify the process of launching a successful blockchain business by targeting the challenges faced by entrepreneurs who wish to expand and operate in the rapidly expanding blockchain market. The platform guides end-users and blockchain startups towards setting up your business quickly and effectively, complemented with a number of DApps to enhance success, structure and speed of the process.





Founded by Pete Wassell in 2013, Augmate and Augmate Connect provide the leading device management platform using distributed ledger technology. Augmate allows enterprise corporations to manage all of their company’s IoT devices, including glasses and other wearables, from a single blockchain-based platform, heightening security and standards for interoperability.

Augmate’s MATE™ token launched December 15th, 2017 and extends until June 15th, 2018. MATE™ token was designed to allow anyone to participate in the rise of a global ecosystem of human and device connectivity, starting with the enterprise and quickly expanding to the consumer space. The Augmate token sale with rights to receive MATE tokens is only available on CoinList.





XAIN offers various blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions, with a particular focus on intelligent industrial applications. Together with researchers from the University of Oxford and Imperial College London, XAIN has developed a blockchain system that significantly reduces the energy consumption of mining. Their innovative idea has grown to use the strengths of modern machine learning algorithms to stabilise their own Ethereum-based low-energy Blockchain. Using XAIN infrastructure for top-level applications and solution services, users are able to build privacy friendly and highly secure environments to prepare for a strong competitive positioning in an automation focused future.


Hashed Health


Hashed Health

Based in Nashville Tennessee, Hashed Health is a collaborative healthcare innovation firm focused on building a new digital infrastructure for new approaches to healthcare challenges. They strive to collaboratively find new solutions with public and private sector clients to better secure patient data and enable greater payment efficiency for healthcare organisations and their patients.

Other areas that Hashed Health use blockchain implementations to address include IoT, revenue cycle management, insurance and healthcare/pharmaceutical supply chain logistics.




SettleMint is a Belgium-based software company founded by Matthew Van Niekerk and Roderik van der Veer in 2016. SettleMint uses their distributed middleware Mint to help organisations leverage the benefits of blockchain technology, whether those enterprises are looking to improve efficiency, to extend their current products or to completely reinvent an existing business model.

To demonstrate the versatility of this middleware, SettleMint developed several working applications including document management, a know-your-customer solution, a proxy-voting product and a data marketplace.





Humaniq prides itself in being the first mobile service with the capacity to change the world. As a financial ecosystem built on blockchain, it focuses on simply and quickly connecting the unbanked people to the global economy.

It combines blockchain bank as a core platform for financial services and technology start-ups, biometrics that replaces passports and signatures, ICO and distributed ownership instead of shareholders, and an investment fund for third-party start-up acquisition and acceleration. Humaniq is developing a new generation financial service with its own cryptocurrency, aimed at eradicating poverty amongst millions of people living in the emerging economy.


Opportunities For You

Challenge Advisory will be hosting an exclusive one-day event focused on the most exciting technological revolution since the Internet – Blockchain. This event will feature ten of the most innovative start-ups we are currently collaborating with in this space, including Augmate, XAIN and SettleMint.

If you would like to learn more about the event, and how you can get involved, please email cburns@challenge.org, or click here to download the event brochure.

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Rebecca Lam


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