Our Innovation Showcases

One of the most important things that Challenge Advisory can do for its startup and SMB clients is to provide them with a promotional platform.

Being able to deliver a value proposition to an appropriate audience of investors is vital to the growth of any business. At Challenge Advisory, we deliver this service to our clients through regular investor roundtable events. Below we discuss one of such events, and how it has been specifically designed to benefit all stakeholders and attendees of the discussions programme:


Accessing funding for Blockchain

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is attracting more and more interest from VC's across the globe. However, for many a lack of specialist understanding and experience with the sector is holding them back with regards to market entry.

Inversely, for the innovators and disruptors who are developing unique platforms and uses for the technology, are struggling to gain the funding and support that they need to bring their solutions onto the global stage.


Investor Roundtables

To help better connect investors with startups in Blockchain, Challenge Advisory host innovation showcases around this exciting growth sector.

Our exclusive, one-day events feature a select number of startups who have reached out to Challenge Advisory to secure funding. These are unique platform for the organisation to pitch directly to a relevant collection of Venture Capital Investors. Putting investors and investees face-to-face is a critical to building relationships and a working partnership between the two.


Securing investment

Through our round-table events Challenge Advisory have helped to secure funding across a wide range of differing industries.

These events have helped to build profitable relationships between Challenge Advisory's network of VCs and startups. Owing to the success events, parties from both areas have requested repeat involvement with the workshops, helping to further stimulate growth for all invested stakeholders.

Moving Forward

Innovation Showcases to look out for

The next of these innovation showcases will be held in London, 18th January 2018. The event will feature some of the most innovative startups that Challenge are currently working with, and will focus on the most exciting technological sector of the 21st century - Blockchain.

The showcase will provide this select group of startups a unique platform to promote their solutions directly to a consortium of appropriate and interested Venture Capitalists from our network.

Learn more about our Funding Practice

Challenge Advisory have complied a document to outline our client services, and to consolidate our efficacy when it comes to providing effective funding and financing solutions, including details on our investor roundtables.

Download the brochure to see how we deliver our funding solutions for both investors and investees.