Combining digital twin simulations with virtual reality – what can we expect?

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    Explaining the core capabilities of digital twin for VR

    How these concepts enhance business processes

    Digital twin powered VR for the end consumer

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Jan 2018

In the era of Industry 4.0, digital twin technology and virtual reality are leading innovation.


The benefits of digital twins and virtual reality will increase areas of automation, monetization, and analysis for manufacturers and consumers. This clarity and improvement will lead to more in-depth data and a truly constructive future.



The potential of integrating digital twin capabilities with virtual reality tech


Digital twin technology involves the ingestion of large quantities of data to provide actionable insights within the product or process. The capability to visualize the data is equally as important. A combination of digital twins and virtual reality has given company stakeholders the ability to immerse themselves and fully understand data, providing necessary solutions. The digital tools of Industry 4.0 give stakeholders the ability to plan and predict. Digital twins will be able to spot areas of concern before any human. Above this, providing connected workers with virtual and augmented reality will offer opportunities to reduce errors and save time.


As companies continue to aggressively pursue smart, connected, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, analyzing the data from these devices and visualizing that information from augmented and virtual reality is an incredible opportunity. Due to the influx of data collected through digital twins, utilizing a virtual or augmented experience is the best way to digest the information. The insights gained from digital twins are gathered from the performance of analytics or simulations. Although augmented and virtual reality help with understanding data gathered from digital twins, it is not essential within the digital twin process. It provides convenience and a sense of reality to the data obtained and compliments the benefits provided by digital twin technology.




Part 2

Explaining the practicality aspect of combining these two concepts together

Virtual reality software serves experts as a guide for optimizing internal processes

What are the practical benefits of using digital twin and virtual reality technology together?

HVM Catapult conducted research with a range of engineers, across numerous disciplines and found that 80% of engineers would see the value in using immersion of virtual reality or mixed reality with a digital twin. Engineers state that the influx of data means that there is a need to be more efficient in consuming it and the easiest way to consume this digital information will be through an augmented experience. For example, when competing for maintenance work on engines, data insights will be able to indicate that the oil system is unhealthy. Digital twins will give companies the ability to show technicians the exact subsystem and context of the engine, and see an overview of the work that will be required. All of this could be presented concisely through the interlinking digital twins with virtual and augmented reality.


How we are taking initiative to improve the digital twin and VR experience


As the technologies progress, it is only a matter of time before digital twins and mixed reality infiltrate businesses and organizations. The combination of both areas will undoubtedly mean that data can be presented concisely, intuitively and easily digested to make insights more impactful and significant. Challenge Advisory is delighted to announce the launch of our event that will contain special information on digital twin workshop – visit here. Technology Investment Workshop taking place in the financial heartland of London, in June 2019. The two-day workshop will be designed to support the growth and adoption of digital twin technology by discussing its benefits and latest innovations along with the investment still required.


In order to fully grasp the concept of how virtual reality will be used along with virtual twin simulations and get the knowledge from the world’s elite technology companies about this concept, check out our event page here.

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