The planet of digital twin simulations – what it entails

Key points

    Increasing city security with digital twin

    Eliminating traffic via twinning

    Developing better city infrastructure

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Dec 2018

Technology is evolving at a significantly faster pace than before and thanks to digital simulations, companies will be able to 100x the speed at which technology can be developed, improved and enhanced. Just a few decades ago, manufacturing companies had to strictly rely on the human workforce in order to keep the business going. However, with the power of automated machinery, they’ve managed to immensely scale their production levels. This was the first big shift in how companies build their fulfillment and development processes. But what if we could go even further? What if instead of hiring people to be responsible for running software, machines, and devices, we could reliably depend on simulations that would project the future for us, taking care of automation, performance, and production of products or services that are meant for the end user? There is a huge potential to do this using Digital Twin technology.


image that shows how the world of digital twin technology will look like


Developing a safe future in the world of digital twin simulations


Apart from the huge plethora of business advantages that Digital Twin technology can provide, there are a lot of benefits for using it in order to create a safer future for humans. We will be talking about the safety benefits of the technology during our seminar on digital twinning which will be held in London. The entire process would be based on preventing life-threatening problems and risks by simulating them in the future. The way this will work is by using a digital twin based simulation that would use the constant input of data it receives from its physical twin in order to accurately determine how it will function in the future.


a simulation based city

Part 2

Revolutionizing city traffic and transportation systems using digital twins

The never ending problem of inefficient traffic can be potentially solved

Let’s imagine how digital twin technology will ensure a safer future in commercial aerospace. Developers will be able to simulate future events in a specific context that they will be able to impact, shift and create. To illustrate what this means, let’s say an airplane is about to lift off. The pilots that are operating the aircraft will be able to simulate the future 3+ days later in order to check how each plane engine will handle itself during the duration of the travel and how resilient it will be during constant wind pressure. If there is a potential risk that is being forecasted in the simulation, the company that is responsible for the aircraft will be able to make the necessary decisions in order to ensure the safety of their customers.




Digital twin potential in city transportation systems


The future world of simulations will also consist of safe and secure transport systems both in the air and on the ground. As of now, one of the biggest issues that are facing the transport industry is developing a transportation system that would be more efficient in large cities than it is now. Huge cities are always experiencing traffic jams, especially during after work hours. By creating an in-depth digital twin of any city out there, engineers and developers could put all of their focus and attention to developing city structures that could end the problem of slow transportation. The most important thing that most people do not realize about digital twin platforms is that you can replicate virtually anything. On top of that – elements, conditions, and structures can be added to the virtual simulation as well in order to complement the digital twin that has been replicated. This will allow new solutions to be presented which will be tested in order to come up with solutions.


The technology will have a tremendous impact on how cities are shaped and structured – get the opportunity to take part in this disruptive movement by attending our event. Get more insights and information about it here.

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