Best methods for developing your digital twin advertising campaign

Key points

    Building your marketing campaign's foundation

    Understanding offer angles and how to use them

    Developing your advertising funnel

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Apr 2018

In order to understand how to effectively advertise and market this technology, we need to understand the latest shifts in the world of advertising.


The tools and methods that were used to reach potential customers a decade ago (e.g. TV, radio, physical banner adverts etc.) are no longer the dominant and efficient force of advertising. The landscape of marketing has almost fully shifted to digital platforms that generate immense amounts of traffic and data marketers can use to reach their ideal customer online. Taking this fairly recent turn of events into consideration, advertising using social platforms will be a necessary course of action in order to achieve success in marketing the concept of Digital Twin.


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Building your digital twin advertising funnel’s foundation


Before working on creating or re-developing your current digital advertising funnels that are used to convert a cold lead into a paying client or customer, the most sensible method you should approach that will help you advertise virtual twin efficiently is to put your business in front of prospects who are already looking for what you have to offer. This can be done by executing a keyword research campaign on Google and putting your focus towards ranking your business for keywords/phrases your ideal customers type in to find what you offer. Alternatively, you can use Google Ads to gain traction even faster. Although we do not recommend this type of advertising strategy for the long-term, it can most certainly be utilized during the beginning stages of your marketing campaigns. The majority of technology-based services or product companies tend to put their focus on developing an accurate “ideal buyer persona” which in simple words means figuring out the characteristics and distinctions that represent their ideal customer.


Although we fully support and encourage putting all of your efforts into activities that give you full clarity about your ideal prospects, these types of activities are not, however, the most foundational course of action you can take if you are looking to gain traction and achieve success when marketing your service or product. This is primarily why we recommend you to focus on the search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) before expanding your marketing efforts to other mediums due to the fact, that the buyer intent on these platforms is the highest compared to marketing on web platforms that are of social nature such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. If you would like to find out what other search engines we use to promote virtual counterpart technology, meet us at our event on digital twins marketing – the most important event of the year.


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Part 2

Developing your core marketing capabilities for digital twin

Fully comprehending the concept of offer angles will give you a new perspective on how you approach marketing

Understanding how to market digital twin using offer angles


Once you’ve put your attention to developing a solid presence online on the search engines and you’ve achieved traction from it (e.g. steady traffic growth, decent CVR etc.) you then should focus on tailoring and developing your “offer angle”. An offer angle means the method you used to forge your Ad and or your landing page copy. Different offer angles can consist of different styles of approach you can take to grab the attention of your prospects online. Below we will explain the most common angles you can use according to the marketing team of professionals.


The most common offer angles usually consist of:


  • Qualifier Ads that qualify the traffic first (e.g. “SaaS Companies Only”, “Entry Price Starting From 1297$” etc.) 


  • Scarcity-Based Ads that promote a sense of importance and impulsivity (e.g. “4 free trial spots remaining”, “offer ends on X date” etc.) 


  • Problem-Based Ads that talk directly talk about the issue (e.g. “Necessary development costs hindering your ROI?”, “Avoid Unnecessary Development Expenses Today” etc.)


Depending on the new online medium you will decide to branch out your marketing efforts to (after building a successful foundation via search engine marketing) your offer angle can be based on the three popular Advert or Landing Page copy scenarios we have provided above.


what is the best strategy for developing a marketing funnel


Developing your digital twin marketing funnel


The final step that we recommend you to take after you have successfully established a solid presence on the search engines and developed a good angle for your offer is to expand to other web properties online, focusing on developing your ideal buyer persona and trying to do a good job at selecting an offer angle that works in the specific online medium you chose. Advising on what offer angles work best at any given time is a difficult thing to do, simply because the mindset of your prospects will extremely differ on each web property they interact with.


For instance, prospects that are looking for your services on Google will be more likely to do business with you because they’re already looking for what you have to offer, compared to when they’re spending their time on Facebook/Instagram or LinkedIn where their primary goal is to interact, connect and socialize with other people – your offer angle needs to take these mindset shifts into account.


Want to learn how to advertise this technology from the best in the world? Join us at our private virtual twin mastermind where we will discuss the best marketing angles and approaches that will make your online campaign successful – read all about it here.

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