How digital twins will impact E-cig manufacturing and production

Key points

    Digital twin based vaporizer development

    Minimizing health risks whilst vaping

    E-cigarette wattage regulation

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Mar 2018

The E-Cigarette industry has gained a lot of momentum due to technology advancements related to Digital Twin.


The decades-old technology that gives its users the ability to have a healthier lifestyle by vaping or quit smoking altogether is based on a heating mechanism that heats the liquid components that produce vapor, instead of using high temperatures and burning tobacco, creating combustion of thousands of chemicals which has a huge negative impact on human health. The potential to combine the e-cigarette systems with a solution that would involve simulating the entire process that makes vaporizers work in the first place is bound to produce tremendous insight into how we can develop and upgrade the technology to minimize the potential health risks even more. In this article, we are going to talk about the future benefits of introducing the e-cigarette industry to virtual simulation technology and stipulate where this unique combination of new technologies can lead us.



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Future e-vaporizer developments using digital twin technology


The main reason why vaporizers became popular is due to their easy to use, simple nature and the ability to minimize health harm to a substantial degree. Keeping this in mind, the main purpose of introducing the concept of digital twin to this is to put in the conscious effort and decrease the possible health risks of vaporizers even more. However, this time using AI and simulations, we can use transparent data to make calculated decisions that will truly point developers in the right direction of achieving this outcome.


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Part 2

Minimizing health hazards of vaping by monitoring e-liquid potency

By directly optimizing e-juice potency and vaporizer battery wattage, e-cigs can be made safer

E-liquid potency and quality monitoring using virtual twin simulations


One of the most important factors that determine the quality of the vapor that an electronic cigarette produces is the quality of its e-liquid – the substance that is used instead of tobacco to extract nicotine during vaping. Although most vaporizer users are not informed about the quality of the e-liquid they’re purchasing in most vape stores, they can still educate themselves by reading the product’s label and getting a fairer understanding about each and every single compound that the liquid consists of. However, since most people’s attention is not being actively directed to research this, by implementing digital twin technology or creating a separate interface that would be installed in the vaporizer itself, the end-users would be updated on the quality of their e-liquid of choice at any given time and if requested, the online simulation interface could examine all compounds the liquid consists of if e-cigarette users would like to get informed about what exactly they are putting in their body.



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Electronic cigarette battery wattage regulation using digital twin interfaces


One of the biggest methods of positively impacting the end-user experience when it comes to vaporizer and e-cigarette usage is developing a mechanism that would consistently and predictably regulate the wattage of the vaporizer’s battery. In essence, the strength of the e-cigarette battery’s output is what determines the amount of nicotine and vapor that is produced with every inhale and exhale. This presupposes that the battery power will not exceed the recommended electricity output that’s set in place for the vapor not to get burned an over intoxicate the users with excessive amounts of nicotine or other harmful elements that might be produced in extreme heat levels.


By successfully and correctly implementing virtual twin technology, the virtual representation of the vaporizer could be controlled virtually in order to ensure that the battery power is limited and that it will not exceed its recommended electricity output limit, increasing e-cigarette safety altogether. Eager to find out about the very first beta version of a virtual twin powered vaporizer? Join this disruption and attend our digital twin event to witness the gadget.


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