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By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
December 2018

Digital Twin technology is yet to be adopted by the majority of businesses and companies in the world.


However, we cannot ignore the fact that the overwhelming uses and benefits of the new technology are being discussed and talked about across industries. Because of the ever-increasing popularity of Digital Twin, some companies are already starting to put a heavy focus on its development, implementation, and compatibility. Today we are going to discuss a handful of companies who are doing an exceptional job at finding new uses for Digital Twin technology and how they are incorporating it to improve their work environment, business growth, and overall fulfillment processes.


businesses who provide digital twin services


How Stara utilizes digital twin technology to improve product manufacturing


Stara has increased the efficiency of their tractor manufacturing processes by developing the Virtual Counterpart technology for it to suit their needs – you will be able to see their case study in our technology and digital twin conference highlights. The huge amounts of data generated by utilizing Digital Twin technology allow them to branch out their services and create an entirely new method that they can capitalize on. The company was previously unable to help local farmers utilize their machinery and equipment to its full potential by getting them access to detailed information such as forecasting the perfect conditions to plant crops and use seeds.


The biggest benefit of using their data is that it is projected in real time, which allows farmers to make accurate decisions and react quickly in case of upcoming storms and crop diseases that spread too fast for the human eye to notice. They have developed extremely in-depth insights into the performance of their equipment by utilizing sensors that are directly connected to their Digital Twin interface. This gives them the opportunity to monitor the performance of their machinery, spot defects, inefficiencies and allow for the more accurate functioning of the tractors.


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Kaeser and amazon - reverse engineering their approach on digital twin

By obtaining data from digital traffic, a virtual twin can be powered

Kaeser – how digital twin tech helped them transform their pricing structure:


The company is based in the USA and it went from simply providing air compression devices to providing a fully developed service that involves the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of their air compression devices. All of this came into fruition simply because of the advantage they’ve received from using Digital Twin technology. One of the most impressive achievements Kaeser was able to achieve by utilizing the full potential of Digital Twins, is to monitor the lifecycle of their device and track its performance. This allowed them to not only improve their product and the fulfillment process of their service, but it also opened a new opportunity of completely revamping their pricing structure from charging per product purchased to charging based on how much air energy was used by their clients.


digital twin companies that are using the technology


Amazon – how this industry leader uses digital twins to create better re-marketing adverts


E-commerce is dominating the largest market share of goods that are bought using the internet, and Amazon has been using the concept of Digital Twin in order to provide a tailored, custom experience to its users by using marketing. By visiting the website, users start to interact with what it has to offer. Every single product they have viewed, purchased or added to their virtual basket, helps Amazon’s Digital Twin algorithm create a digital version of the consumer. The more data their algorithm gets fed, the more accurate the digital replica of the users.


By harvesting immense amounts of data regarding our past purchases, websites we visit and services we engage with, the company has huge advertising capabilities that prove to be very efficient. How you might ask? The collected data helps them get the end user back on their website due to the consistent re-marketing Ads they are exposed to every day they spend online. That is how the industry leader utilizes Digital Twin technology to achieve immense traction.


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