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By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Feb 2018

The new generation of technology is already making a substantial impact on how companies are viewing product, service and their fulfillment process development.


This is happening due to new emerging digital solutions such as digital twin that allows businesses to improve their efficiency and create smoother end-user experiences. Despite the fact that the implementation of a digital twin in the world of business is gaining momentum and popularity, it is yet to reach the stage of mass adoption.


In order to help others reach the stage of mass adoption and help new procedures such as digital twinning reach the market faster, companies who are in the process of fully integrating this new technology are starting to provide help that are strictly based on helping other companies adopt digital twin technology, working with them to realize how they can use it best and ensure that their clients are successful at improving the efficiency of their product development process. We have been the pioneers of Digital Twin simulation technology services that have already helped hundreds of firms increase their efficiency and productivity by implementing this concept.


helping companies utilize virtual twin simulations for product development


Why companies who have adopted digital twin are valuable sources for insights


The main ways companies are leveraging their practical knowledge regarding digital twins is providing consultations that advise business owners on how to best incorporate the new tech into their industry, products, and services. This specific type of consulting is incredibly beneficial for both parties due to the fact, that the business that’s receiving the service is getting tailored advice on how to exactly make use of digital twin on a very practical level. On the other hand, the company that is providing the service leverages the data they’ve acquired from their product development processes and uses it to help other companies grow using digital solutions. We will be revealing full insights about our digital twin consulting service during Challenge Advisory’s digital twin conference in London.


Larger companies who are utilizing digital twin technology at a much higher level are taking even further actions to help businesses with the implementation. For instance, instead of just providing a consulting service, some companies are willing to sell their data to the market that they’ve generated. This can work in various ways: an agriculture technology firm can sell crop data ( e.g. data that indicates plant health, estimated growth time, optimal weather conditions to plant crops for best gains etc.) to farmers generated via digital twinning. This is starting to become the typical monetization model of digital twin data and the impact of purchasing this insight from companies who are constantly generating it is hugely beneficial for all industries out there.

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Explaining our approach to helping companies incorporate digital twin

As global leaders in the tech startup space, challenge advisory has been pioneering the digital twin consulting market

How challenge advisory helps companies adopt digital twin simulations


As one of the leading digital twin technology experts in the industry, our methodological approach for helping companies fully adopt this tech has been incredibly productive due to the substantial amount of positive feedback we have received thus far. The way we help this new technology gets adopted by the world is by providing elaborate consulting services that consist of everything a business should know before engaging with digital twin tech and what would be the next productive steps a business that is already using this technology can take to increase its efficiency even more.


As a strategic business consultancy that focuses on helping innovative tech companies gain momentum in today’s competitive market, our main goal is to become the leading industry force that connects the world of business with digital. By helping companies adopt digital twin technology using our consulting services that guide early adopters towards increased efficiency and productivity in their work environment, we are on a steady path towards reaching this achievement.


If you would like to have the opportunity to receive guidance on how to start using simulation technology and spurt your company’s growth, we are happy to invite you to our private event – click here to find out more.

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