The hazards of digital twin technology and what dangers it may pose

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    The dangers of inaccurate digital twin replicas

    What is the full accuracy extent of digital twins

    Potential dangers related to ROI

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Feb 2019

Although Digital Twin technology is still new compared to other advancements in the tech industry, the most important reason why it’s so appealing to businesses across the globe is for its exceptional ability to create simulations in which various development and testing work can be effortlessly executed. However, as this concept is starting to become more prevalent in the mainstream world of business and media, the vagueness of the overall picture most businesses create about the technology itself can seem unclear and bring in doubt about the true potential of this new concept. In this article, we are going to debunk and clarify the most important aspects of virtual twins and shed light on the reality and current stage the technology is in. Before getting into the topic of the article, you might be eligible to attend Challenge Advisory’s digital twins technology conference if you are a professional who is interested in the concept itself and who is actively working in the technology field. Now since that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the topic.


risks of virtual simulations


The danger of inaccurately representing an object using digital twin

The biggest concern most business owners who are interested in this technology have is the risk of misrepresenting the object or system they want to replicate using this technology. Considering the fact that there is not much information regarding how accurate the twin is compared to its physical counterpart. As digital twin consultants who have helped companies successfully implement this new tech into their businesses, we will talk about the reality of replicating objects and how accurate the process is right now. When it comes to creating virtual twins of objects, the process is fairly simple, accurate and straightforward, because the specific sensors that are used and attached in order for the interface to successfully scan the object to create a very detailed picture of the physical form of the item. Moreover, by using the digital twin equipment correctly, the sensors are also able to generate an inside picture of the inner workings of the physical object as well.


Depending on the complexity of the physical item you are trying to replicate, you may run into a few difficulties when it comes to replicating the inside portion of your object – if you need to do that in the first place, of course. Therefore, to solve this problem, the physical object may need to be opened or the inside portion of it must be represented manually, using animation and code. When it comes to representing systems and processes such as customer relationship management, prospect marketing, and acquisition or service delivery funnels, the process may look more complicated at the first glance, but in reality, it is more than doable to generate a clear, transparent and accurate picture of the system you want to digitize. In most cases, it involves working with digital twin software and performing manual revisions in order to ensure the accuracy of the simulation.


how to prevent the dangers of virtual twin

Part 2

Realizing potential gaps in digital twin accuracy and ROI risks

The biggest factor that drives doubt in the minds of business owners is the accuracy of digital twin

The accuracy of future scenario simulation using digital twin


The other major concern that troubles most company owners who are keen on trying out digital twin is doubt regarding the overall accuracy of the simulation the technology will build. In order to explain how accurate the simulations will be, we must first understand that the accuracy and how realistic the simulation will strictly depend on how good of a job was done during digital twin model creation. Keeping this in mind, the rest of the simulation will be based on the rules you’ve stated in the platform’s dashboard itself and the amount of data the digital twin has accumulated from your physical twin.


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The issue regarding affordability of digital twin technology for small businesses


In order for virtual twin technology to become prevalent across all industries, the technology adoption and installation costs have to be minimized or different options must be presented in order to compliment every company’s budget. In order not to leave small-sized businesses out of the equation, Challenge Advisory offers professional consulting advice in order to find the most optimal options that would allow small businesses have the opportunity to acquire and use digital twin technology.


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