New job opportunities digital twin specialists will be needed for

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    Digital twin engineering and manufacturing

    Simulation data analysts and researchers

    Digital twinning simulation developers

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Jan 2019

As new emerging technologies introduce new possibilities to the world, new opportunities that require new talent, knowledge, and understanding arise.


Along with these events, new job opportunities get created and old job positions that new technologies replace become irrelevant and obsolete. Some recruitment specialists state that as the world advances, the skills, mindset and talent that will be required to successfully occupy job positions that have big potential and are directly tied to technology will not involve any physical interaction or labor in the future because of the simple fact, that people will be used to control and influence the technology itself, rather than doing the tasks themselves. In this article, we will talk about the potential future job opportunities that will be created due to the emerging Digital Twin technology. Because of the fact that these job position ideas will be stipulated rather than based on true certainty, we will use the data and information we now have that will allow us to foresee the problems that digital twin users will inevitably face and how creating new demand or talent who could solve them will improve the overall digital twin experience for the world of business.


virtual twin simulation engineer 


Jobs for digital twin engineers and manufacturers


As digital twin technology becomes more mainstream and affordable to be adopted by low and medium-sized businesses, it will require experts such as our specialists here at who could take care of the process of digital twinning and set up the equipment needed for the digital twin simulation to happen. Engineers who could equip themselves with the skill and knowledge on how to successfully create simulations and fix issues related with the technology’s functioning will be a very valuable asset to companies who will be heavily relying on digital twin simulations to improve the efficiency of their business.


 digital twin equipment engineer

Part 2

Discussing the most vital job roles for digital twin service development

Acquiring talent capable of manufacturing digital twin simulations will be paramount for business success

Work for virtual twin simulation data analysts and researchers


By performing various tests using Digital Twin technology such as simulating products, services, and processes that are crucial for a business to function and then using their digital twins to improve the overall functioning of these aspects, the digital twin platform accumulates immense amounts of data. This information or data can be used and analyzed in order to accurately predict what changes, shifts or what alterations caused success during the product or service development stage. This opens up a great opportunity for people who have an analytical mindset and are skilled at dissecting and examining data in order to figure out how it can be used for future improvements in business. Individuals who have experience in spotting data trends that lead to positive improvements in business will quickly become the main assets of internal development processes at companies.


 simulation developer


Product and system simulation developers


In order to drastically improve product functioning, service fulfillment efficiency and successfully improve crucial processes such as customer relationship management, a series of tests and development operations need to take place via digital twin simulations. Even prior to that, a digital twin that closely matches the physical object must be created in order to conduct the development tests. People that are skilled in technology and product development should consider participating in our event called professional digital twin – join the event here. You will be exposed to a huge range of opportunities to help businesses develop product/service design ideas as a consultant or even as a full-time employee if that will be the decision you will want to make.


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