How ore mining will be improved using digital twin simulations

Key points

    Improving mining machinery productivity

    Developing digital twin mining simulations

    Automating ore extraction processes

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Dec 2018

The digital transformation that will impact the mining industry will most certainly involve virtual twin technology.


The new technology generation 4.0 is impacting all industries across the globe and it will bring a plethora of improvements when it comes to productivity, adaptability and efficiency growth. Today’s article is dedicated to explaining the impact of the simulation technology and what impact it will make – an industry which was not introduced to revolutionary digital changes and improvements for a very long while. The continuous objective of improving equipment, systemized processes, and means of transportation has become more crucial than ever due to the competitive nature of the mining industry. In order to stay competitive and keep thriving in business, mining companies and ore extraction businesses must embrace the newest technology trends – digital twin will soon become the single most impactful piece of technology that will help with that.


heavy machinery is being in the simulation process


Utilizing digital twins to improve mining machinery productivity


Virtual simulations will prove themselves to be extremely useful when planning schedules and operations. By simulating the work environment miners will be able to create long-term and short-term schedules and create accurate estimates for drilling, crushing and extraction work will be over and what the end product results will be. Moreover, by simulating the equipment, machinery, and the entire work process, on-site workers will be able to test new methodologies on their most crucial work processes in a very cost-effective manner because no capital will be required to accurately find out what works – every test will be executed in a digital simulation, using the same exact machinery and equipment.


using simulations to find ores

Part 2

Improving talent acquisition in the mining industry

Digital twin can provide all the circumstances needed to allow for realistic simulation training

Enhancing the mining industry using virtual twin simulation training


The next huge ability that presents itself when on-site workers will be able to create simulations is to build out a digital training program that will help new interns learn the ins and outs of the mining industry, the work they will be executing and what future possible scenarios they can expect. Moreover, keep in mind that the simulation itself is not static. Meaning, although the virtual world will be strictly based on its physical twin, the object or area it has been based on, the workers will be able to change, alter and add elements to it such as making necessary weather changes, creating emergency scenarios, simulating equipment problems so that workers could know how to deal with emergency errors right from the very moment they start working and so much more.


miners working on simulating their mining site


Using digital twin interfaces for ore extraction machinery automation


Digital twin is not just about creating simulations, altering and/or changing them in order to project future scenarios. Due to the fact, that the digital twin is based on its physical one, they are connected together. This means that the physical twin can be controlled via the digital platform its twin is in. We will be showcasing this concept in a demo launch during one of our seminars called: The Power of Virtual Twin in Mining- find workshop tickets here. By taking full control of machinery and equipment, the process of controlling the machinery using people can be replaced with full automation that is created using algorithms that map out the route, timing, and manner using which a piece of equipment should use to execute work.


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