What is the future for digital twin and IoT interfaces?

Key points

    The advantages of pairing digital twin with IoT

    Enhancing IoT device security via twinning

    Using this technology to reduce manufacturing costs

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Feb 2019

Although the concept of Digital Twin is fairly new, the prime idea of it has been used for years.


The process of replicating physical objects and systems has been around for quite some time, which is evidently seen when it comes to estimating weather forecasts, projecting devices in various monitoring platforms and examining transport vehicles on digital platforms that are used for development purposes. What about IoT? How will the two brand new technologies become compatible and useful for companies to utilize? This article will explain the most probable uses of combining Internet of Things and Digital Twins.


how the IoT and Digital Twin work together


Using digital twins to secure and update IoT devices remotely


Just as we talked about in our event (it’s called combining IoT and virtual twins – you can still get tickets here) the biggest future benefit of integrating Digital Twin and IoT will be the ability to ensure the security of your Internet of Things devices without needing to physically interact with them. This can be done by using Digital Twin platforms and directly connecting them to your devices in order to successfully create a digital model. Once IoT devices are fully incorporated into company offices, remote data storage units and other aspects of our business life, the higher the possibility of a breach taking place. Hacks will pose a great danger to company data if businesses who will be the early adopters of advanced IoT devices will not be knowledgeable about the necessary things they will need to do in order to fully secure their devices. This is where Digital Twin technology will come in.


 the meaning of digital and physical twin in IoT


Here are a few scenarios on how digital twin will help secure IoT devices:


Digital twins will be capable of updating IoT devices remotely using their online interface. Virtual models of devices will be able to pinpoint the source of hacks and breaches. IoT Devices can be remotely shut down at any time when there’s potential for a breach to happen. Digital Twin will expose the Internet of Things to countless possibilities, making the two technologies compatible and creating great benefits when it comes to keeping IoT devices updated, fully controllable and secure.

Part 2

Stipulating the level of enhancement digital twin will bring to IoT

Apart from the technology's ability to improve security, it can be paired with the internet of things to improve vital business processes

Accelerating device development speed and reducing manufacturing costs


One of the biggest benefits of Digital Twin technology that attracts businesses to find out more about the platform is the technology’s ability to decrease IoT device development costs. This improvement will be possible by recreating any IoT device out there using the virtual platform Digital Twins provide. No matter the technology or device, a fully built prototype will allow for testing the performance of a device, monitoring heating and cooling, and fully reassembling its parts, model and structure. By having the ability to experiment with the core components of any IoT system and check its performance immediately after any changes were made, will allow saving capital on continuous testing. This often involves working with the physical model of a system, which can not only prove itself to be cost-inefficient but also not efficient enough to make solid progress.



Continuously trying to find new pathways that would allow making the world of IoT and Digital Twin more compatible will have profound implications on not only the world of business but also to the personal lives of day to day people, their security and well being.


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