Everything you need to know about how digital twins are created

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    The first steps for creating a working virtual twin

    Generating simulations with the digital twinning platform

    Fully automated virtual twin optimization

By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Mar 2018

There is a huge influx of information about virtual twin technology and its benefits. You hear the concept of virtual simulations being used and incorporated into aerospace, business development, project management, and various other business processes in order to achieve more efficient profitability, however, nobody talks about the actual software that makes all of this happen. There are very few reports and articles online that explain everything in clear detail – businesses who are interested in this concept need to know the intricacies that make the idea of Digital Twin a reality. Because of this, we have decided to consult with our network of companies who are actively utilizing digital simulations in their business and talk about the details of the simulation software that makes the “cogs turn“.




Explaining how digital twin technology is created and how it works


The Digital Twin online platform is basically code that is usually run on equipment that is entirely different than your average Desktop device, as the amount of data that is continuously being transferred from the physical to the virtual twin is astronomical once you are fully connected. Alternatively, for businesses who are only interested in getting the experience of a demo run, the beta version of the software can be installed on your desktop or acquired as an app for iOS or Android. Once the program has been bought, it allows the user to engage in “digital twinning” (a process where the virtual twin of a physical object is created and connected) that then gives developers the opportunity to monitor both twins and optimize their performance by collecting data that the software provides them.


Giving you a better picture of what we mean by “data” is fairly simple. Although data can involve many things when it comes to Digital Twin, it mostly boils down to inputs that indicate how the physical twin reacts to changes in the real world (e.g. the weather, exposure to moisture, damage to the object, heat, movement etc.) and information that displays how well the real-world twin is operating in terms of consumer experience. However, there are a few caveats – this is why we are planning our conference on the future of digital twin software to explain everything in further detail.


Part 2

An in-depth explanation of the steps for manufacturing digital twins

The amount of equipment and talent you will need to create a virtual twin will require effort than you think

The technology’s ability to generate simulations


After basic data that indicates how the physical twin operates is collected, developers now have the opportunity to create simulations (virtual representations of the real world and the replicated object) that are based on that data. The simulations can be either future-based or present-based. Meaning, future-based virtual scenarios use the data that has been fed from the physical twin to accurately stipulate how well it will perform and adapt to its environment in months, years or even decades from now. A present-based virtual reality is useful due to its ability to add/remove elements, factors, and limitations in order to find out how the physical twin will react to the changes. This can be useful for determining what exactly affects the deterioration of a product, which will cause irreparable damage to it or what factors will improve the customer experience.



Using complex computer algorithms to create data for digital twin simulations


Finally, developers have the ability to continuously optimize their virtual twin without having to intervene with the process once a sufficient amount of data has been collected. By taking this route of product or service development, the software can use the information it receives from the physical twin and makes decisions that would lead to positive outcomes for the product all by itself. This is the feature that will transform the world of business as we see it as testing and development will become an effortless series of executions that are driven by data.


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