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Transformational innovation has less to do with the individual and everything to do with the collective. We use methodologies from design thinking and agile, to sprints and growth hackings, and combine it with project management prowess and deep industry relationships, to build successful ecosystems.

The closed door innovation paradigm which drove 20th century thinking has been replaced with a new collaborative, partnership orientated approach. Pushing the frontiers of entire industries requires more than technology. The diffusion of innovation to create transformation change in major industries, requires multi-party and multi-layered stakeholders to each play their part. From early stage investors and corporate venture funds to industry supply chains and universities. The success of innovation is the result of an interdependent ecosystem.

Government must play the role of the orchestrator, responsible for building the ecosystem and its capabilities while ensuring it stays glued together. The rewards can be significant for government. We see a direct relationship between successful ecosystems and total foreign direct investment.

What matters most in creating and sustaining innovation is the strength of interdependency amongst ecosystem players. Governments must build a strategy to de-risk the cost of collaboration and interdependency.

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  • Government & Public Sector

    Ecosystem strategy
    Building and implementing a successful ecosystem strategy
  • Government & Public Sector

    Partnership structuring
    Brokering collaboration between operations & stakeholders
  • Government & Public Sector

    Project management
    Running the day to day operations of your innovation facilities
  • Government & Public Sector

    Innovation methodologies
    Implementing of lean, agile and design thinking methods


Read insights produced by our innovation-ecosystems team

Government & Public Sector

Underwriting innovation risk in your ecosystems strategy

The Ecosystem designer must underwrite three types of risk to attract and forge successful partnerships. These include; initiative risk, interdependency risk, and adoption risk. Without understanding innovation risk of the stakeholders, forging partnerships will be problematic and ineffective.

Anam Rahman | Mar 2017

Government & Public Sector

Building ecosystems: Integrating I-Cap with E-Cap

Public policy must focus on creating two capacities; entrepreneurial and a technical capacities. The challenge of public policy is ensuring integration of these capacities to build a successful ecosystems. In practice, these two capacities are often detached and separated from each other.

James Browne | Sep 2018

Government & Public Sector

Consensus is the drivers of successful ecosystems

Pushing the frontiers of entire industries requires more than technology, business environments, ecosystems and smart public policies. Transformational change in major industries requires small and big companies to overcome their competitiveness concerns and utilise their complementary strengths.

Wendy Arnold | Dec 2018

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