The Largest Obstacles Facing Enterprises Ahead Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Internet of Things – How Can We Overcome Them?

The opportunities that will be available to enterprises when the Fourth Industrial Revolution begins to take shape, like improved customer service, stronger access to data, and massive improvements in enterprise, are vast. But what about the drawbacks and the points of pain? Here, we discuss the challenges that may affect organisations attempting to implement these digital technologies into their structure, as well as Challenge Advisory's own solutions.


Where Do Enterprises Spend Their Capital?

A huge issue for many enterprise who wish to implement Industry 4.0 is a buying strategy that is less than clear for a lot of them. As a result, there are often unclear economic incentives for implementation, and organisations find themselves having to spend over the odds to implement these new initiatives.

How We Solve This:

Challenge Advisory have put together a strategy to ensure every business that works with us on industry 4.0 has a clear plan as to why they’re upgrading, plus a pick of the best tech companies at an affordable cost. We’ll take a close look at your business to pinpoint the best places for you to adopt these new initiatives, meaning you have an idea of how much money you’ll be saving, plus what you’ll be getting for your investment. Once this is done, we put you in contact with the brightest minds and most disruptive technology in your respective industry, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that both parties can reach a profitable conclusion. Plus, we’ll work to subsidize the costs, so you’ll pay for world-class service at an affordable cost.

The Workforce

Optimising Talent

Bringing together manufacturing automation and Smart Factories will bring unprecedented levels of efficiency and speed to a business, but the downside of this is that many companies will see a workforce that will be unused to the new developments taking place, and ill-equipped to adapt to them.

How We Solve This:

A huge aspect of Industry 4.0 is a renewed emphasis on customer service. With human manpower newlyavailable to expend, an organisational structure that works is important for cultivating efficiency. Challenge Advisory helps our clients to repurpose their workforce to suit the new demands of their business. Whether it’s training them to work alongside machines with virtualisation or simulation programs, or readjusting your employees for work in an entirely different sector, Challenge Advisory has a number of programs, training devices and metrics designed to help your task force thrive in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, all the while fostering efficiency.


Integrating Software, Hardware and Operating Systems

There is some confusion with companies trying to innovate as to which standards will be adopted in the next five years. A huge challenge to overcome will be to derive a standardized system that works for all parties and allows for both horizontal and vertical integration, and results in maximum value for both present and future investments.

How We Solve This:

Challenge Advisory’s wide range of contacts in various industries means that we have a significant say in how the world will develop over the years to come. In order to fix this problem, we’ve decided to facilitate these law changes and bring everybody together in one room to thrash out the details.By establishing a standard practice with respect to the hardware and software available, we can either match our clients with suitable operating systems for their implemented technology, or call upon our technology partners for the development of software that facilitates cross-platform operation.

Data Security

How Will Enterprises Keep Their Data Safe?

Small and medium-sized enterprises are primed to benefit the most from Industry 4.0, but this represents a problem. It requires them to publicise their data, whereas before they could use their own in-house data. This puts them at risk of having their intellectual property stolen by larger organisations, and causes small organisations to hesitate.

How We Solve This:

As always, legislation is going to be a huge part of how soon Industry 4.0 takes off, so for our clients worried about IT and data security, we’ll take the time to fully listen to your issues and concerns. Once we have an idea of the challenge that you’re facing, we’ll help to come up with a solution; we lobby government officials in order to start the policy changes that will be required in order for everybody to be on a level playing field when it comes to intellectual property. Challenge Advisory will make sure that our clients benefit regardless of size as the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes hold.

Interested in Learning More?

Planet Earth stands on the cusp of a technological revolution that changes the way we relate to one another, the way we work and the way we live. We may not yet know the extent of the changes, but one thing is for certain; in order for mankind to fully cope with the digitisation of our world, the response must be complete, and cohesive.

To this end, Challenge Advisory have compiled a document to outline our client service, and to consolidate our efficacy when it comes to providing sustainable solutions to prepare for The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things. Download it below to improve your knowledge of the Internet of Things.