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Why your Digital Twin will be your medical record

Globally each country has electronic health records (EHR’s), digitalised paper logs that provide a full medical history of each individual patient. They replaced the old paper based documentation systems and it was a legal requirement as of 2015 to have fully digitised patient records, due to data protection.

Dan Bland | Nov 2018


Hospital workflow optimisation with Digital Twins

Workflow Simulation is a solution for intelligent decision-making. They do this via building a 3D computer model of any clinical environment such as an operating room or a ward. The system will then turn the 3D model into a digital twin of your institution via data that was input to display everyday ward work..

Dan Bland | Jan 2019


Why UK digital healthcare development is still lagging behind

Within the United Kingdom's NHS, digital healthcare is still very far behind its private counterparts in the UK and all other private & public sectors throughout Europe. The delivery of efficient digital healthcare to patients, staff, service users and equipment needs to be of optimal importance.

Dan Bland | Sep 2018

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in 2018 we helped 4 governments build a and implement digital strategies to deliver efficiency and cost saving within public sector healthcare.


In 2018 we helped raise over $18m for medical tech Startups across the United States and Europe.


In 2018 16% of the worlds top 100 Pharmaceutical companies used services and strategies provided by Challenge Advisory.

Digital Twins | Healthcare

London, United Kingdom 20th Nov | 2019

This workshop is designed to support the growth and adoption of digital twin technology in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and hospital management.