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A European Union study predicts that European healthcare costs will increase by nearly 3% every year, which will amount to a 33% increase by 2060, but even this projection is a best-case scenario; the report makes generous assumptions relating to prolonged working life, increased employment, higher efficiencies and reforms in both the tax and benefits systems. Challenge Advisory aims to assist clients in healthcare aiming to create value and sustainability in their practice.


Challenge Advisory will scrutinize health services, both regionally and nationally, to assess the sustainability of healthcare delivery for our client. Challenge Advisory then works closely with the client in order to optimise their sustainability. Challenge Advisory will also assist clients in the insurance industry, which will provide the healthcare industry in general with better value for money.

Clients can benefit from supply chain analysis with Challenge Advisory, which streamlines the operational process and ensures that unnecessary expenditure is eradicated. In addition to this, Challenge Advisory are in close collaboration with academic medical centres such as teaching hospitals, securing a foundation from which sustainable healthcare growth can be well supported. By working with Challenge Advisory for healthcare practice, clients can be certain of thriving in an industry where efficient companies that generate significant value will have a distinct advantage.

Challenge Advisory aims to assist clients in improving their industry to ensure better healthcare outcomes, both in the present and the medium-to-long term. Our clients in healthcare practice benefit from the experience of our functional teams in risk, strategy, business development, organization, sustainability and new market entry; they have over fifty years of experience working to satisfy client needs, and are well known in any industry should additional knowledge be required.


Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Healthcare Value Challenge Advisory assist clients by advocating and enforcing policies, introducing systems to reward valuable care delivery or consumer engagement. We help clients to adopt innovations that ensure affordable healthcare.

Integrated Care Challenge collaborates with clients throughout the integrated care process, helping to plan new programs, form design incentives and IT support structures, and assist with launch and scaling up schemes.

National Health Systems Challenge Advisory help national health systems to ameliorate results from a fundamental standpoint, working with clients to expand access, improve quality of care, use resources more effectively, and deliver improved patient experience.

Organisational Excellence Challenge Advisory helps clients in the healthcare industry to greater lean value in care delivery. We assist in areas such as care efficiency, organization design and merger management.

Clinical Operations Excellence Challenge Advisory’s approach to value, sustainability focus and operational excellence strategy will ensure that quality will be high and costs will be low, bringing massive value to hospital staff output.

Technology and Information Strategy We assist clients in improving their healthcare delivery with the use of technology, helping to increase operational transparency, enhance analytic capability and identify new areas of improvement and marketing opportunities.

Organisational Excellence

We help healthcare clients improve their organizational health so they can improve their performance.

Implementing organizational change is hard, but it’s particularly challenging in healthcare. Yet ever-rising costs, technology advances, and reform initiatives are making change mandatory in most healthcare organizations.

By combining its extensive healthcare experience with the organizational expertise developed in its corporate work, we bring an unparalleled level of knowledge and skill to help healthcare clients implement large-scale change programs.

We also help these clients ensure that their organizational design supports optimal performance and evaluate whether mergers or joint ventures make sense. And we help improve their leadership skills—from the C-suite to the front line—so people can do their jobs more effectively.

Given industry dynamics, most healthcare organizations today must undertake transformations—significant organizational changes that improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen behavior. The transformations must address both organizational performance and health (i.e., culture, leadership, ability to change).

Our unique approach to developing transformation programs ensures success because all activities are well resourced, structured, supported, and measured.

Organization design encompasses all the elements that can reinforce—or hinder—a client’s strategic aims, including its operating model, organizational structure and forums, business processes, decision rights, and culture. When poor organizational design prevents a client from achieving its goals, Challenge Advisory can identify the underlying issues, determine what changes will produce the strongest results, and help the client firmly embed those changes in all relevant departments.

Many healthcare organizations today are considering mergers or joint ventures, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to whether such deals make sense. We help clients identify the right acquisition targets and think through the integration process. And once the deal goes ahead, we help clients oversee their post-merger integration efforts.

In an industry as labor-intensive as healthcare, success requires a strong human capital strategy. Performance management, talent recruitment and retention, workforce productivity and role design, benefits management, and leadership development are all crucial.


Healthcare Value

We help clients adopt value-enhancing innovations to ensure affordable healthcare.

Reducing the cost of healthcare has long been a welcome by-product of effective healthcare organizations—efficient hospitals have lower hospital bills, efficient payors or insurance companies use fewer resources, and efficient national health systems do more for more people.

But pursuing affordability as a goal itself is increasingly becoming a concern, particularly as regulators and policy makers push healthcare organizations to take a more comprehensive view of healthcare value.

When boosting healthcare value is the stated goal, the actions organizations pursue are often different and more holistic than when they pursue other objectives like reducing costs or improving quality irrespective of the resources involved. When we help clients put the focus on healthcare value, we have found they can improve quality and reduce costs of care at the same time—building value for patients and the broader public.

Delivering real healthcare value involves helping healthcare organizations improve performance management through enhanced strategic and operational approaches.

With regard to strategy, clients can adjust their business models—by pursuing innovation, improving R&D, allocating resources to the most cost-effective interventions, and adopting best practices. On the operational side, clients can pursue effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.

We help clients tailor a specific set of strategic and operational approaches to drive value in their particular context.


Integrated Care

We help clients improve health outcomes by designing and implementing integrated care solutions. Integrated care or coordinated care is a powerful force in healthcare delivery. Research shows that integrated care can substantially reduce hospital re-admission rates, decrease per-patient costs, and result in improved success rates.

We help healthcare systems make the fundamental shifts necessary to succeed in integrated care. Specifically, we help our clients:

Plan a new program. We help clients prepare for their first pilot efforts, segmenting patient populations and choosing high-potential groups to start with. We help design the new program, creating a multidisciplinary system to integrate patient registry, clinical protocols, care plans, and care delivery across organizations.

Integrate the care system. Our teams help establish organizational links and put in place accountability and joint decision-making approaches, foster leadership from clinicians to drive culture change, and establish partnerships between care organizations.

Design incentives. We help set up financial incentive programs that encourage all players to focus on the tasks necessary for making integrated care work. Programs ensure economically positive outcomes for all parties, compensating for increased clinical workloads, for example.

Create an IT support structure. We help clients identify the right information to share and who needs it, ensuring that clients make only necessary and high-impact investments in their IT systems. Some client situations call for fully integrated information systems and some do not; we can help determine the appropriate level of investment.

Launch and scale up. We support pilot programs, helping clients measure and communicate early success to build support and momentum. For clients who have seen early success, we help build on that foundation, expanding efforts to additional patient groups and geographies. We ensure that moving toward delivery at scale will cover costs and achieve desired health outcomes.


Clinical Operations Excellence

We help healthcare providers transform their clinical operations to improve quality and reduce costs, taking a value-based approach and engaging and inspiring hospital staff.

Healthcare providers are devoting more management focus to clinical operations improvements in order to boost productivity and sustain margins. In particular, our clients have found that there are significant operating dollars tied up in unintended clinical variability.

Whether variability is in patient outcomes, length of stay, workforce productivity, clinical supply utilization, or clinician satisfaction and retention, we help our clients engage frontline staff—physicians and nurses—to lead the effort to address the causes of variability and make critical changes.

Demands from stakeholders are also focusing healthcare providers on clinical excellence, with patients paying more attention to healthcare quality metrics and payors offering incentives and penalties tied to clinical performance. We help our clients improve both the quality and efficiency of their operational efforts.

We help build internal capabilities to ensure the impact endures long after the initial project concludes. Our consultants are often former clinicians themselves, and they leave our clients with a strong institutional foundation on which to build future operational improvements.

A pragmatic approach to value. We take an unrelenting focus on value in designing transformation programs. We help clients drive quickly toward pragmatic demonstrations of value, with rapid implementation, real-time adjustments, and robust performance tracking. Our clients typically see margin improvements of 3-5 percent over 12-18 months and 3-10 times return on investment by focusing on throughput, quality, supply utilization, and nursing.

Focus on sustainability from the start. In order to succeed, clinical operations transformations need to address from the beginning short-term performance and longer-term mindset and behavior challenges.

Clinicians speaking to clinicans. We structure our teams so that consultants with clinical backgrounds work directly with client clinicians. This helps establish real credibility in the clinical operations setting. Across the globe, our consulting staff includes more than 160 physicians and nurses, 250 healthcare PhDs, and 100 hospital operations experts.

Alignment with the strategic vision. By engaging and aligning individuals from the hospital unit to the board room our operations projects are an extension of our clients’ overall strategic vision.


Technology and Information Strategy

We help healthcare organizations use technology to enhance analytic capability, increase operational transparency, and improve healthcare delivery.

Our technology and information strategy consultants take an objective top management approach to supporting executives at healthcare organizations on technology and performance transparency issues. We partner with our clients to enhance IT strategy and group performance, increase technology enablement of key business functions such as finance and marketing, promote clinical performance transparency, and help healthcare executives get the most from their IT and analytics investments.

We have helped healthcare organizations deploy performance management tools and enhanced analytics across the enterprise and for key functions, increasing transparency and allowing managers to identify new market opportunities as well as target areas for improvement.

In addition, we partner with a wide range of healthcare organizations to address IT operational issues, including architecture and infrastructure utilization, adoption of lean IT processes, application management, and IT outsourcing/offshoring.


National Health Systems

We help national health systems fundamentally improve health outcomes, working with clients to expand access to health services, improve the quality of care, use resources more effectively, and deliver better patient experiences.

Healthcare spending continues to grow rapidly, making it difficult to expand access to quality care. We support healthcare transformation efforts around the world, working with national health systems, nongovernmental organizations, and global public health partners to set strategic priorities, design effective systems, build capabilities, and implement innovative and cost-effective delivery models.

In the last 5 years, we have conducted more than 400 projects to boost the performance of health systems. Of those, approximately 200 projects in 30 countries have addressed health systems design, which typically covers restructuring, financing, and capacity planning.

Generally, our health systems projects are designed to achieve tangible impact within 18 months, but we also partner over longer time horizons to help stage broader transformations. We have long supported primary healthcare research and undertaken global healthcare initiatives.

Our Partners

We work with healthcare leaders in 70 countries to care for more people, in better ways. We take a highly collaborative approach, from guiding national governments as they set priorities to working with nurses to improve hospital ward operations.

Our Partners

National and regional health services to transform care delivery and make it more sustainable

Health insurance companies and other payers to improve the value of healthcare

Hospital chains to transform operational performance

Academic medical centres to refocus strategy, operations, and governance

Integrated care organizations to improve healthcare delivery

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