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Challenge Foundation finds young entrepreneurs strives to give them the springboard they need to establish themselves in their chosen market. That’s why the Challenge Foundation will sponsor any businessmen aged 18 to 25 in our chosen cities who have a really good business idea and want to take it further. We’ll help you become the businessman you know you can be.


Untapped Potential

Untapped Potential

Here at Challenge Advisory, we are always looking toward the future. We believe that the most valuable resource on Earth isn’t oil, land or even gold; it’s untapped potential. We take it upon ourselves to mine this potential and influence future leaders and pioneers to create a better future.



Once we recognise your potential, the next thing to do is to take that potential and transform it into a marketable, successful entrepreneur that can make a difference in this world. Challenge Advisory believe that the next Bill Gates or Richard Branson can come from any walk of life, and while we’re training you, we hope that you’ll share your ideas with us, and create a unique learning experience that goes both ways.


Maximizing Your Potential

So now you’re a successful entrepreneur. How does that benefit us? Challenge Advisory work with global organisations, international businesses and prominent governments, and we take pride in our wide range of contacts, all of which have unique knowledge and insight. Once your business takes off, we aim to introduce you into our inner circle and make our world-class service even better.


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