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Digital twins

W e are a global strategy consultancy firm deploying our capabilities to address the biggest challenges facing humanity. We collaborate with pioneers and innovators, in all shapes and sizes, to enable transformational progress in major industries.

From research institutions and multinational corporations to government departments and startups, we partner with our clients to turn their ambitious goals into reality.


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The future role of digital twins in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry has been experiencing a massive shift in their approach to monitoring aircraft operations. With digital twin, the accuracy of monitoring airplane activity from extreme distances will evolve to the next level.

Carlos Miskinis | Oct 2018


Improving healthcare using medical digital twin technology

Digital twin has enormous potential for enhancing medical patient care in hospitals by providing healthcare experts with the ability to accurately monitor disease activity within the human body, whilst supplying them with exceptional data that will be used to prescribe custom medicine for optimal treatment.

Carlos Miskinis | Oct 2018


The emergence of digital twins in the manufacturing industry

One of the biggest issues that product manufacturers face is the constant possibility of faulty product design. By twinning the systems responsible for item design and production, developers will have the luxury of eliminating all possible failure conditions from this process.

Carlos Miskinis | Oct 2018

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We combine our expertise in science and technology with business strategy to support our clients achieve their goals and create meaningful change

Simultaneously, the conventional narrative has also emphasized a trade-off for business, between social performance and economic erformance. We believe business holds the key to addressing our biggest problems and we are here to support them

Our achievements in digital twin


We have helped over 12 governments globally to develop effective solution strategies for innovation ecosystems, sustainability, and innovation policy improvement via digital twin

$60+ Million

Through 2018 we helped agriculture and food companies from across the world raise over $60M+ to fund their R&D and Growth. Almost agtech were executed by implementing digital twin data simulations


Over 78 companies in the agriculture sector were able to acquire and scale their talent acquisition efforts with our digital twin data modeling services

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Digital twins | Efficiency from digital innovation

Efficiency from digital innovation

London, United Kingdom 10 July | 2019

This two-day workshop is designed to support the growth and adoption of digital twin technology by discussing its benefits and latest innovations along with the investments still required.