What we do

T We work with aspirational corporations to help them become sustainable value creators and achieve consistent long term growth, by matching their core capabilities and differentiated competitive advantage to market opportunities.

Our corporate strategy team helps our clients build winning capabilities and utilise their core to create long term value and grow in core, adjacent and emerging markets. We show our clients where to play and how to win by leveraging our market expertise, subject matter experts, quantitative and qualitative capacities.

How we help

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    Strategic positioning and route to market
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    Emerging markets strategy
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    Core and adjacent market growth
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    Digital and innovation strategy


Read insights produced by our Corporate Strategy team


Why you need an innovation strategy in today’s fast moving world.

Successful innovators have a hard time sustaining their performance – as Polaroid, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, HP and countless others have found. Gary Pisano from Harvard explores why it is so hard to build and maintain the capacity to innovate

Sam Freedman | Sep 2018


Olam’s success story: Focusing on your core differentiated competitive advantage

Olam has been a role model for successful entry and growth in adjacent markets. In 1989, it had 1 product (cashew), 1 end market (Europe), Nil financials and 2 employees. Fast forward to 2010, it is in 20 product categories, 11,000 global customers and over $20bn in revenue. Its success has been the result of building a well differentiated core, which it could roll out across commodities and countries.

Nadia Campbell | Dec 2017


The truth about hot markets, and how to succeed in them

Earning a leadership positions in hot markets is the holy grail for most companies. On average, the top 2 competitors usually capture more than 75% of the profit pool. However the reality is the chances of success is minimal. We examine how companies can maximise their chances of success.

Chris Burns | Dec 2018

What we think

We believe paper exercises alone are worthless. We lead our clients through strategy implementation by testing the value creation hypothesis, brokering route to market partnerships and co-creating product design

Quantitative and qualitative deep dives on markets, growth potential, competitive environment, key demand drivers, future development scenarios, tax, legal and labour, help us identify how both take advantage of market opportunities while mitigating risk.

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