Start-Up Firm Dramatically Improves Conversation Rates

The leaders of a health service organisation believed that patients could be better served at better costs, if care could be tightly integrated among primary, secondary, social, and mental health providers.


  • As a result of Challenge Advisory’s audience development strategy, the client successfully integrated automation and better practices.



A start-up firm wished to gain further traction in their marketing program in order to continue their successful opening period. They contacted Challenge Advisory’s audience development team in order to gain a better insight into their buyer behaviours, automate their content distribution for higher engagement, as well as to improve their conversion and close rates.

Challenge Advisory conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s marketing strategy.


The Revelation:

The analysis from the audience development team showed a number of problems with the client’s marketing strategy that could lead to greater profits if remedied. Firstly, as a small start-up with a limited number of employees, the scope and demand of their marketing strategy was beyond the organisation’s resources, and as a result, they were falling behind with their customer engagement. Furthermore, the client was also too small for typical automated software, with the complexity and expensive issues being beyond the client’s control.

As a result, they were unable to distribute time and resources effectively, and this would hold them back in the long term. To help the client to address their problems, the team scouted new solutions that were better suited to the client’s setup and to start-ups in general. The main aim was to improve the client’s productivity by enabling the most time consuming and tedious tasks to be automated, thus freeing up resources for the more personalised and effective forms of customer engagement.

The client was provided with research tools, that helped them to define their customer’s buyer journey much more clearly, also helping them to understand how to guide customers through that customer journey. Monitoring tools gave the client further intelligence on the behaviour of their website visitors, and allowed them to adjust their strategy to meet visitor needs. An automated e-mail system allowed for more consistent engagement, and a refined Call To Action strategy enabled them to target market special customers for even higher conversion.



As a result of Challenge Advisory’s audience development strategy, the client benefited greatly in their marketing process, successfully integrating automation and better practices. They have dramatically increased the quantity of their qualified leads, which has in turn led to significant revenue and market growth.

The strategy has been so successful, the client has been able to look to the future and further develop their business: they are currently aiming to expand their media presence, constructing a number of online presences to meet their improved demand.



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