Global Business Goes Digital To Improve Profitability & Sustainability

A European company specialising in biostimulants were looking to branch out to new markets to ensure larger revenues and to consolidate their organisation.


  • The client has significantly outperformed its peers in the months and years following its Initial Public offering.



A global organisation’s profitability and growth projections trailed those of its competitors— with an upcoming Initial Public Offering on the horizon, they wished to remedy this in order to attract new investment. The new CEO also wanted to review the performance of all business units, fine-tune the investment strategy, as well as to embrace digitisation to capture new opportunities and improve the integration of business operations.


The Revelation:

The Challenge Advisory business development team collaborated with the client, culminating in a client relationship that spanned five years. During these five years, they worked with the client to implement a comprehensive business development plan.

This included developing a successful plan for improving their margins, implementing a lean management program that is designed to break down international information silos within the client’s business, improve their performance metrics by introducing new key performance indicators, as well as to boost efficiency.

The business development team also helped the client to cultivate a culture across the organisation that promoted teamwork and collaboration. In addition to this, Challenge Advisory assisted the client in renovating the strategy for every single business unit, in effect refocusing the entire enterprise towards these new objectives. Challenge Advisory then helped the client to completely revolutionise their organisation by moving into the digital age, transforming the client’s company into a more integrated digital enterprise. The business development team created a plan that would encompass the entire firm, looking at data management, transfer of information and centralisation of machines in order to create a slick, efficient organisation for the client.

Finally, Challenge Advisory rebooted the client’s mergers and acquisitions strategy. The business development team conducted several tests to understand the best places and untapped opportunities for creating value within an organisation, and from these insights, they aligned the client’s strategies towards attracting activist investors.



Thanks to Challenge Advisory’s business development blueprint, the client has significantly outperformed its peers in the months and years following its Initial Public offering. In order to digitise the organisation, the client invested over $300 million to satisfy the changes, and as a result have benefitted from over $100 million in incremental earnings.

The culture cultivation program also proved to be highly successful, and was named as the highest ever impact initiative that the company has ever undertaken.



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