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Which roles are available to you at Challenge Advisory? What could you do to help us at our organisation? We’re always looking for new talent to keep our business fresh and thriving all over the company. Whether you’re a salesman, a research expert or a content writer, there are several roles available for you here at Challenge Advisory.

Hear From Real People

Learn from both current employees at Challenge Advisory, and also from employees from other organisations who we are privileged to have worked with in the past. See what they have to say about working here.

A Happy Time

"I came to Challenge Advisory as an intern, and I was there for three years, working my way through the ranks. I'm now at a global organisation, but it's not quite the same!"

- A Former Communications Manager

Vital Experience

"Challenge Advisory was my first job after receiving my MBA. I learned so much as a consultant and as an analyst, and now I am proud to say I am preparing to start my own business using the knowledge that I gained."

- A Former Business Development Consultant and Analyst

Truly Global

"Challenge Advisory have a strong understanding of how different cultures work, and have many ideas as to how to foster change in other regions. I was proud to be their representative in Southern Asia."

- Previous Business Development Executive

One Last Hurrah

"I came to Challenge Advisory at the twilight of my career after working in the military for thirty years but I was able to learn so much in my time there that I think they were worth the wait."

- Now Retired, Former Human Resources Manager

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