Who Are You?

By now, you probably have a good idea of Challenge Advisory and what it is we do. What you’re probably thinking now is: will I be able to fit in here? Here, we go into detail as to what makes a good addition to the Challenge Advisory family. What personal traits would be required to thrive at our organisation?

The Challenge Advisory Way

We have a wide range of personality here at Challenge Advisory, but what they all seem to have in common is:
- Passion, dedication and energy
- Commitment to high standards and core values
- Entrepreneurial spirit
- Interesting personal hobbies and pursuits
Does that sound similar to yourself?

Bastions of Knowledge

We like our consultants to be hungry, innovative and extremely knowledgeable in their chosen industry. You'll be required to have excellent interpersonal, entrepreneurial and creative skills.

Analytical Expert

If you’re in research and analytics, you should be dedicated, patient, observant and hardworking. The Research and Analytics department is amongst the most intense at Challenge Advisory

Expert Insight

Our employees in internal services are all highly organised and in tune to what makes an organisation tick. Excellent administration skills, office etiquette and a team-oriented personalities often thrive in the Internal Services department

Industry Genius

Digital and Data services employees should be strong characters and pragmatic team players. At the forefront of technology, you'll be tasked with the very lifeblood of our client service, the tools and project management that makes us formidable. Can you handle the pressure?

Be Part Of Our Team

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