A Job For Life

You should be able to have a fantastic career and a full life and do it in a way that works for you—now, and when you may make changes down the road. That’s why we offer an innovative range of flexible programs that are compatible with career success.

Making You Better

Your day doesn’t end when you leave the office. You likely have friends, family hobbies; an entire life that works separately from what you do as a living. Challenge Advisory make sure that your home life and your professional life work together to bring the best out of you and make a happier, well-rounded individual. A happier employee will do their best to make the world a better place, and that would make us very happy.

A New Mother

“I was worried that having a baby would harm my career prospects, but Challenge Advisory helped me to handle those sleepless nights and helped to welcome me back into the working world!”

- A New Mother in Human Resource

Fulfil Dreams

“Thanks to Challenge Advisory, I was able to achieve my lifelong dream of being a painter, all the while keeping my family well fed.”

- An agriculture salesman

Caring People

“Losing my father was a difficult moment in my life. Challenge Advisory were a massive help in getting me back on my feet. They offered me professional help and were always ready with an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.”

- A Business Development Managing Consultant

Tailored Package

“Challenge Advisory flexibility program allowed me to work in a manner beneficial to me. I will be forever grateful they gave me the chance to work dual careers.”

- One of our lead graphic designers, who runs a charity in her spare time

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