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The fundraising team at Challenge Advisory, has over 20 years worth of investor relationships, with deep investment market analytics and expertise in business strategy which has allowed us to finally give the fundraising leverage back to startups.

Approximately 50% of all true IPO’s are venture backed. In 2018, more than 70% of all exits over $20million were also venture backed. Fundraising provides an essential bridge between innovation and scalable penetration. For founders, successful fundraising must be more than financing. It is must entail creating long term partnerships with investors who have the necessary value add and expertise to take your startup through to a successful exit.

The competition has intensified and the early stage fundraising bubble has burst. More money is flowing to fewer startups by investors, who are more specific than ever, on what they are looking for.

At Challenge Advisory, we take a different approach to fundraising. We utilise our expertise in business design and strategy to help founders link fundraising to growth. We believe smart money and strategic industry investors provide unparalleled advantages.

How we help

  • Industry

    Investment ready
    Using our experience in due diligence, business design & strategy
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    Investment search
    End to end search using our relationships and market analysis
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    Understanding valuation
    Building a clear strategy ensure founders receive the best deal
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    Syndicate structuring
    Bringing together multiple investors to build a consortium to add value


Read insights produced by our Fundraising team


Entry into emerging markets must start with a focussed, localised strategy

The projected growth of emerging markets is providing firms with new food for thought. The 23 emerging markets defined by the IMF constitute; 25% of the world GDP, 57% of worlds population and 40% of the worlds land mass.

Author Name | Dec 2018


The Risks & Rewards of Entering the Chinese Market

Over the past 30 years, the Chinese government has at times opened the door wide for foreign companies to participate in its domestic economic growth. At other times, it has kept the door firmly closed.

Sam Freedman | Jan 2019


Venture capital market structure comparison: UK vs EU vs USA

Venture capital market structures vary significantly between the UK, EU and USA. Average size funds of the UK and EU are almost half that of the USA. Our analyst compare the differences between the regions through data analysis and our experience

Author Name | Dec 2018

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