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Our work with thousands of innovators has allowed us to gain unparalleled insights into their unique challenges and how to build innovation policy which supports them.

Understanding the conditions with which successful innovation can flourish is not a simple task.

As a systems designer, government must build innovation policy to cater for multiple stakeholders including; universities, investors, accelerators, industry supply chains and stakeholders etc

The strategic objectives of innovation policy is to drive long term economic growth. From employment to inward investment, the desired outcome will predominantly be realised through the success of start-ups.

The globalisation of venture capital, the elimination of trade barriers and the culture of collaborations have changed the dynamics of global innovation competitiveness.

Through our work with thousands of innovators, from research institutions and startups, to corporate venture funds and venture capitalists, we have come to the position that innovation policy must understand the needs of the innovators.

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Why innovation policy needs a value capital strategy

Without an effective value capture model and a focus on route to market, government innovation policy will always be perceived as failing or under delivering. This is the biggest challenge facing government innovation policy

Author Name | Dec 2018


Partnerships and consensus will Determine the success of policy

Transformational change in major industries requires more than technical breakthroughs. Execution of successful policy is thus dependent on building the right networks, partnerships and stakeholder consensus.

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DARPA A good role model for government innovation policy

Defence Advanced Research Program Agency is the gold standard for government innovation and has been responsible for unparalleled and consistent radical innovation breakthroughs. What can we learn from DARPA?

Author Name | Dec 2018

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