Separating The Serious From The Curious

A huge part of Challenge Advisory's client service is our audience development program. We can assist clients who wish to expand their customer range and ensure greater sales percentages, a sure-fire way of encouraging valuable development for a business. Audience development consists of two separate-but-equal practices that ensure leads that are both high quantity and high quality.

First, there is the practice of attracting your new customers, or lead acquisition. Finding an interested party is only half the battle, however. There is also the delicate process of satisfying your leads in order to gently nudge them towards a sale, and lead nurturing is the art of turning casual browser into committed buyer.

Challenge Advisory are pioneers of globalisation, so our clients benefit are not limited to one country when it comes to acquiring the best leads. We do all of the hard work optimising your leads, so when the time comes, you can focus on making a deal. With fixed rates for every sale or enquiry that we secure for you, financials with Challenge Advisory are much simpler. With us, audience development is cost-effective, with low risks and high rewards.



How does a company generate leads effectively? Challenge Advisory are experts in what makes a customer tick, and we take a magnifying glass to your website, optimising it in terms of customer-focused content. Today's consumer landscape is buyer-oriented. Content is vital, and the best way to acquire leads is to create content that your customers love.

Challenge Advisory will also take a closer look at your online marketing strategy, analysing and fine-tuning your search engine optimisation so your content will show up on Google or Bing when it matters.

A refined social media strategy is also massively helpful to gathering a useful pool of leads, and we work around the clock to give our clients an authoritative social media presence. Finally, Challenge Advisory refine your calls to action. Calls to action drive your customers towards sales and gives your website focus. It's also very useful as a performance metric, as it gives an idea of how well your strategy is doing.

Gentle Guidance

Lead Nurturing

A wide pool of interested leads is great, but it's important to remember it's only step one of the audience development process. 50% of potential customers do not consider themselves ready to buy, and as many as one in five of your leads could be dead ends. At Challenge Advisory, we help you to build a relationship with each and every one of your customers. Without that relationship, potential leads may get distracted or bored, and your sales funnels stretch and stretch until they snap.

With refined lead nurturing techniques, companies enjoy a 50% sales increase, and they'll enjoy it at two-thirds of the cost. Even better, when a sale has been secured, customers actually spend 47% more on average. Without these techniques being used all the way through your marketing strategy, your business could miss out; without that relationship, potential leads may get distracted or bored, and your sales funnels could stretch. Stretch enough, and those sales funnels could snap completely.


Separating The Serious From The Curious

B2B Marketing

Brand Analysis

Even the most advanced audience development techniques will suffer if you don't market to the right customer. Brand analysis is the art of casting your net in the right direction to acquire the highest number of leads. The first step of Challenge Advisory's brand analysis is carrying out a detailed product analysis, before we help you construct a theoretically-ideal customer, known as a buyer persona.

Once we have a set of buyer personas, the next step is to understand how your brand fits with these customers, with a combination of firmographic analysis, brand analysis, as well as a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. These evaluations are the first step to developing strong audiences, and form the backbone of your marketing strategy, so getting this part right is vital. Once you understand your audience, and understand how they interact with your product or service, the next step is to market to them.

Optimising Your Content

The face of marketing has changed over the past decade or so. In the past, most sales were accomplished by getting on the phone and talking someone into buying your product, but those days are long gone. Any business worth its salt in the market should be looking at customer-oriented marketing.

This includes social media, SEO and customer satisfaction, but at its core, marketing to a customer looks at content. We'll help you to proliferate content that will draw people to your website, acquaint them with your products, and generally draw them closer to making a deal.

Then, the next step is to understand which parts of your website are functioning as they should. These metrics should be monitored constantly, but how would this be carried out?

Lead Scoring
Brand Analysis


Challenge Advisory’s analytical insight is a vital aspect of our audience development initiative. Analytics help you to refine their strategies and accurately target potential customers for better-value lead nurturing.

Analytics help us to better understand the trends and buying behaviours of our clients' customers. Effective analytics can pinpoint the best customers to approach for a sale, as well as the optimal time to secure these customers. We analyse product design and industry trends to provide vital customer support.

Analytics make your marketing strategy more realistic. They're a great way to take your theoretical strategy, and see how everything works in practice. Which pages get the most clicks? How many downloads does your website have? With the right analytics, you can gain a vital competitive edge.

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Building Customer Relationships

Customer satisfaction is an oft-overlooked metric, but it's just as important, if not more so, than any of the other aspects of audience development. Challenge Advisory helps your business to satisfy and delight your leads.

Building a customer-oriented marketing strategy is vital to this; for Business to Business (B2B) Marketing, sales and technical support is the best way to build a relationship with your customer, and that's vital to securing the sale and ensuring more leads via word of mouth.

Challenge Advisory’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps clients to track marketing metrics throughout the business cycle. A well-aimed and well-implemented CRM strategy means more satisfied leads. A satisfied lead is a happy lead. A happy lead is a potential buyer. More potential buyers mean better sales margins.

CRM Marketing

Sales-Marketing Collaboration (Smarketing)

Successful audience development is being able to produce high quality leads that can be converted into deals at a reliable rate. For that to be achieved, not only must your sales and marketing teams be working effectively, but they also have to be working alongside one another. It sounds simple, but many companies overlook this in the search for better conversion rates.

Smarketing is the process of aligning the sales and marketing teams around common goals within a business or organisation, focused on improving revenue. We focus on training your sales and marketing teams in the art of collaboration, so that the leads that trickle down to sales have a better chance of becoming customers, and the marketing team know exactly what qualifies a good lead for their sales team.

Understanding Your Market

The best way to secure a deal with your leads is to have a very strong relationship with them. The best way to have a strong relationship with your customer is for them to trust your business, and for them to trust what it provides. For them to trust you, they have to see you as pioneers or experts in your chosen business.

Becoming the best business in your chosen industry is challenging, but the first step towards that is knowing your chosen industry better than anybody else. We can't teach you everything, but we can give you the tools and the training that will cultivate a foundation of knowledge that will help you to dominate your industry.

As an expert in your field, you can offer concise, technical solutions to your customers, who - more than anything - are interested in seeing if your product or service actually works. This makes it simple for them to spend money, and it means you can spend more time satisfying your customers.