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Our Solutions Help Ambitious UAV Firms Grow by Delivering High Volumes of New US Farm Clients.

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Your Farmers are on Digital

Our Digital Analysts have Shown the Untapped Potential of selling to US Farms at Scale:

  • 82% of US Farmers Own a Smartphone
  • 46% of US Farmers use Facebook for Personal Reasons
  • 71% of Farmers Use their Mobiles whilst doing Farm Work
  • 72% of Farms Check Their Phones Multiple Times a Day
  • 56% of Farmers use YouTube to Acquire New Information

We have Generated over 46,000 Pre-qualified Nurtured Farm Leads for our Agtech Clients.

Our Secret:

Big Data + Clever Code + Agricultural Expertise + Marketing

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Working with Us

Our Agriculture practice has specialised in helping Agtech start-ups scale. After generating over 46,000 farm leads for our clients, we understand how to sell to American farmers better than anyone else.

Focus on Selling:

Client Sales Reps report an increase of up to 18% more free time as a result of high volumes of qualified farm leads

Increased Average Deal Size:

UAV clients report an increase in ADS of 12.7% as a result of highly qualified and pre-nurtured farm leads

Increase Conversion Rate:

Sales Reps report between 10-18% increase conversion rate as result of focussing on farmers with high commercial value

Sell at Scale:

Agtech clients have scaled farm sales by between 200-400% through multi-focussed regional crop strategies and multichannel platforms

How We Help Our UAV Clients Sell More

Regional + Crop Focused Farm Lead Generation

Successful farm scaling strategy requires FOCUS. We build and implement custom lead generation strategies for the focused grower; by region, crop, demographics and farm size. We align the message, channel and product for this focused segment to help generate between 200+ farm leads per month for our Agtech clients..

US Farm Segmentation Analysis, Mapping + Agribusiness Strategy

Strategy must data driven logic. Using big data, we help our clients assess current market share, quantify and locate untapped opportunity, anticipate and prepare for changes in the crop mix. We then map out and segment farmers, build custom strategies to put untapped opportunity into their sales funnel..

Market Entry & Product Launch

Big decisions must be underpinned by data and thoughtful strategy. We help align distribution, sales and a point of presence with grower opportunity. We then map out, segment and implement tailored and focused farm acquisition funnels to help our clients build new accounts in new markets. We then build their entire marketing presence..

Reduced Adoption Risk: Penetrating Entire Social Networks

Social Networks are still the primary drivers of adoption for farmers. We help our clients penetrate entire farming social networks by carrying out an SNA analysis, distributing targeted content, building strategic relationships and creating a brand presence within the network..

Online to Off-line Strategy

Technology sales cycles can run over 3 months. Agtech must be perceived as helping and adding value to famers before and throughout the sales cyle. We help nurture your farmers online before taking them offline to physical locations to help build real relationships, relevancy and differentiation..

Mobile First Strategy Implementation

The user experience must be designed under the assumption it will be consumed via mobile only. Our research shows this is especially true for farmers due to the nature of their work. We help optimise and build your mobile first strategy and drive new farmers to your site/app download/ content etc.

Your Cross Functional Team

Agriculture Industry Expertise

Dr Aubrey Longmore

Head of Agriculture

Alfred Gilbert

SVP of Agribusiness Delivery

Maria Onofrio

Agriculture Analyst

Industry Agnostic Expertise

Yueran Pan

Head of Data Science

Jacob Williams

Lead Developer

Rebecca Lam

Head of Marketing

Identify Challenge
Identify Challenge
Team Building
Team Building
Analysis & Strategy
Analysis & Strategy
Cross Party Engagement
Cross Party Engagement
Accelerate Growth
Accelerate Growth
Farm Segmentation Analysis & Strategy Formulation.
Big Farm Data Utilisation.
CrossChannel Marketing.
Analytics & Optimisation.


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The platform Challenge Advisory gave us, has been an unprecedented success, helping us reach a previously unattainable audience


(Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture)

Head of Research and Development

A unique experience here, we have all the main protagonists in the Brazilian agriculture value chain in one place, this is a remarkable achievement by the team at challenge advisory


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A great opportunity for Agroop not only because we’ll have the chance to be in direct contact with big key companies but also because it will be an opportunity to understand more about future market trends and ways in which we can strategically evolve