Build The Future, Balance The Books

Development is a key aspect of any business. Every business has the long-term goal of continuous improvement and profitability. Sustainable profitability for a business means that the business provides a service or product that is both profitable and environmentally friendly for a number of decades.


Sustainability In The Business World

Most people think businesses avoid sustainability programs like the plague; the common misconception is that by focusing on expensive green initiatives, profit takes a back seat. Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, however, shows that sustainability and profit are far from mutually exclusive. As many as 37% of businesses reporting profit from sustainability. As many as one in two companies have adapted their business model to take advantage of sustainability opportunities. Challenge Advisory likes to help our partners to be part of the good 50%.


Why Sustainable Profit Is Important

Corporations that actively plan with climate change in mind secure an 18% higher return on investment (ROI) than companies that aren’t. For companies who refuse to disclose their emissions, that number jumps to 67%.

Many companies don't take the opportunity to implement sustainability. This failure to look beyond the short term hurts businesses, and as resources become thinner and opportunities become more scarce, it will be harder to recover from these setbacks.

Governments at the local and national level are supporting environmentally friendly businesses with incentives while pushing industry standards on pollution and emissions ever higher.

Build The Future, Balance The Books

A Culture Of Innovation

Challenge Advisory strive to help educate every employee, from the managing director to the mailman, in the practice of sustainability. Technology also plays a key role in profitable sustainable development, and we provide services that help businesses to develop or procure technology that promotes innovation.

We help clients develop sustainable disruptive technology with help from our partners in Research and development. By assessing the logistical chain, Challenge Advisory assist in creating sustainable value from end to end.

We assess our clients’ logistical chain to assess its sustainability, and help to identify suppliers and customers who are also invested in renewable technologies and sustainable mindsets.

A Global Mindset

In order to turn a profit and develop sustainably on a global scale, businesses must now look outside their countries of origin. It is important to provide a product or service that suits a customer regardless of location.

Challenge Advisory has experience all over the world, in a number of different cultures and continents, and provides clients with the knowhow and the tools they need to export to any country.

We will also help clients to improve their online customer interaction, making our clients aware of groundbreaking technologies that enable any customer with an Internet connection to conduct business.

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Sustainable Sourcing Strategies

Businesses that operate globally benefit from a number of economies of scale. They are able to choose from a diverse and economically stable taskforce, with added benefits such as lowered transport and a stronger reserve of raw materials that drastically cut the time to market.

At Challenge Advisory, we help our clients to scan the globe for labour and proximity-driven cost benefits. We also facilitate the bureaucracy involved with international business, helping clients to navigate the business practices, legal requirements and socio-economic climates that are associated with their target nations.

We also facilitate the bureaucracy involved with international business, such as trade barriers, tariffs and tax administration, which will help clients to navigate the business practices, legal requirements and socio-economic climates that are associated with their target nations.

Environment and Sustainability

For a business to grow sustainably, it is also important for every employee in the business to understand the needs and benefits of sustainable profitability. Challenge Advisory advises our clients in sustainable enterprises throughout the office, such as energy-efficient bulbs or telecommuting initiatives, which enable businesses to operate more sustainably and improve on their operating costs.

We encourage businesses to adopt sustainability from top to bottom, using big data management to analyse bills and expenditure, identifying areas of improvement to drive profit sustainably.

We also are in contact with the world leaders in sustainability, and they are available to provide insights into the best sustainable practices in business.


Sustainable initiatives are important for providing for the future. At Challenge Advisory, we also understand that the bottom line for many businesses is profit, and we help our clients to optimize techniques, such as recycling initiatives and telecommuting software, which cut costs and make gross revenue last longer.

Challenge Advisory also help to align the client with businesses invested in sustainability, which enables stronger and more consistent sales with sustainable companies.

We help our clients to assume a long-term outlook to their operations, adopting methods designed to cut costs and improve yield. Challenge Advisory also encourage bootstrapping - small adjustments to our clients' business that will generate big savings in sustainable business.

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