Challenge Advisory to help deliver Prime Minister Modis promise of 100,000 MW of Solar Power to India
The initiative will forge links between the government, developers, financiers,
planners, installers, manufacturers,
civil society and innovators.

With support from the Ministry of Renewables  Challenge Advisory will be convening an extraordinary summit on the 3rd & 4th November 2015 in New Delhi. Which will focus on opportunities and challenges in India’s push to be a global leader in Solar Power. Bringing together government Ministries, United Nation agencies and the private sector, debate will centre on policy, productivity and economic growth. Following Challenge Advisory’s successful missions to Thailand and Tanzania, the summit will forge links between the Indian government and the private sector, focusing on country and regional regulatory policies in respect to investment, subsidies and innovation, providing a space for technology transfer, the need to increase enterprise-to-enterprise cooperation and joint ventures.

Challenge Advisory



Challenge Advisory will be supported by Ministries from the government, The World Bank Group, and representatives from NGO agencies among many others.